Corentyne woman stabbed to death by ex-husband

A Corentyne woman was on Monday stabbed to death by her ex-husband from whom she had separated two months ago.

Dead: Cindy Ramchandar

Dead is 24-year-old Cindy Ramchandar of Number 47 Village, Corentyne, Berbice.
Reports are that the suspect used his car to hit the woman off of her motorcycle before fatally attacking her with a knife.

Dead: 24-year-old Cindy Ramchandar and her now wanted husband in happier times

According to reports, at about 07:00h, the young woman left home on her electric bike to drop off her three-year-old niece at her parents’ home, which is one street away.
While in front of the child’s mother’s home, her ex-husband reportedly drove up and struck her off of the bike.
He reportedly exited the car, attacked the woman with a knife, and stabbed her several times before fleeing the scene.
“I don’t know who call the boy and tell him that this gyal going by them to drop the child over there…but the boy get some details because he is not living at Rose Hall so he could reach so fast. He come from till in New Amsterdam and wait in front of the health centre. That is where he catch the gyal, she go with a red scooter and he push down the scooter and he stab she,” Ramchandar’s aunt, Anita Thirbhowan, told reporters.

Ramchandar’s aunt, Anita Thirbhowan

According to her, the couple were married two years ago but separated two months ago.
During their marriage, Ramchandar suffered constant abuse at the hands of her husband. Thirbhowan said the last time a knife was used in the attack and it left her with several marks on her body.
“She meet very hard times since she married with this boy and his parents them, that is why she mummy bring she back here before them people do she anything. This boy use to work on a ship. Is come out he come out. I don’t know how he know that the girl going and drop off the child…the boy say that he don’t want her and so she bring away she stuff,” the aunt added.
The couple had no children. The Police are on the hunt for the suspect, who is said to be living in East Canje, Berbice. (G4)