Councillor call for removal of VAT from school uniforms

…say parents feeling burdened

People’s Progressive Party Councillor Arnold Adams has called on the Coalition Government to be considerate and remove the 14 per cent VAT on school uniforms.
Speaking at the Regional Democratic Council’s August meeting, Adams said parents are finding it difficult to send their children to school in the present economic situation.

Councillor Arnold Adams

Contending that VAT is charged on almost every item related to children’s schooling, Adams commented that parents have complained of feeling burdened, especially those with many children to send to school.
The councillor said parents feel extra burdened, especially since elimination of the $10,000 school voucher. Adams said it becomes an issue when children do not attend school, but Government needs to understand that parents cannot afford many things, especially in a struggling economy.
“There has been a decrease in the number of children attending school, but have we ever wondered why that is so? It’s because parents cannot afford (to send their children to school); and there (are) no proper incentives offer to actually help parents,” Adams said.
He therefore called on the Ministry of Education or the President of Guyana to assist parents by introducing some assistance that can help parents to send their children to school.