….in the AFC
The AFC says they’re meeting to decide on who’ll be the PNC-led coalition’s Prime Ministerial candidate!! Now, to your Eyewitness, this just confirms that these fellas have completely lost it…they’ve gone bananas; cuckoo; pagalee; or stark raving mad. Have they forgotten what’s been going on between them and the PNC since 2015? The only thing your Eyewitness can figure is they’re so desperate to keep their perks, they’ve decided to place some pressure on the PNC by thinking they’ll present them with a fair accompli! And this just reinforces their complete break from reality.
Didn’t they try that stunt just before the LGE when Trotman – full of confidence that they would’ve made a killing at the polls –  plotted to force the PNC to eat humble pie? But even the most optimistic reading of the results confirmed that Ramjattan’s  “dead meat” prediction had been fulfilled! The question is why would the PNC hand the Prime Ministership to this bunch of losers – even when the office has been so degutted it’s belly is touching its backbone!!
The PNC has problems of its own at this time with picking their Presidential candidate. Never mind various and sundry officials reaffirming their confidence in President Granger…that simply confirms their predicament! What else are they expected to say? But as your Eyewitness has said time and again, there’s also no way in hell or heaven they can know for sure what the man’s condition will be by election time – be it three months or a year.
So what’s been going on behind the scenes is a vicious battle to be “the candidate in waiting”! And each one of them have their own ideas as to who’ll be their flunkey in the PM’s office. But one thing they all agree on is it won’t be Nagamootoo or any other token Indian from the AFC. Their betrayal of their constituency from Berbice to make them dead meat and the decision by Charrandas to nail them at the no-confidence vote has made the PNC to a man (and woman) leery of tying bundle with any Indian AFCite.
Why should they give away so much for nothing? For Old Lang Syne? The AFC should know that politics isn’t charity – much less charitable! What the PNC will do is to float their own home-grown Indian who they’ll have complete confidence in not to have a succession problem,  in the event Granger does become the candidate and falters.
Someone, say like the young Pandit from the Maha Sabha who they made into the Mayor of Georgetown. This allows them to say with a straight face they have someone even younger than Irfaan in their lineup…a heartbeat away from the Presidency! But back to the AFC: do they have any utility to the PNC any longer? Of recent, they’ve been the most fervent and vociferous defenders of the status quo on new elections in three months. But that doesn’t earn them any kudos, does it?
It was Nagamootoo, after all, who conceded they’d been defeated fair and square right after the vote, didn’t he? He’s only cleaning up his own mess – not to mention the sorry topic of Charrandas, who they’d sponsored!!
Naah…the AFC’s just spinning wheels and will embarrass Nagamootoo and themselves further if they were to “name” a PM candidate.
What they should do at their meeting is to decide to merge into the PNC
As the other micro parties have done!!

…on silk
The AFC, in the person of their Minister of Business – who just happens to be a British citizen and the son in law of the President – just demanded that “the government” clear up the “confusion” over the conferral of silk – or more to the point. It’s withdrawal – from that other British citizen Jonas. Oh what a tangled web…
Isn’t this a bit a bit rich for Gaskin to call on his father-in-law to “do the right thing” after embarrassing him so? And as an insider, so to speak, shouldn’t he know about the culture of the PNC after dealing with his father-in-law, who swore he was a dyed-in-the wool PNC since 1965?? The history of the PNC shows they’ll  brook no opposition – especially when it’s from “their own”. If Gaskin wasn’t in Guyana when it occurred – being British and all – didn’t he hear at the Rodney COI what the most “condign” treatment from such “betrayers” could be?
He should consider Jonas lucky  Burnham isn’t around! Like the Mad Queen from Alice in Wonderland, “off with his head” was one of his favourite expressions.
As it is, the protocol officer may be asked to fall on his sword! Never mind it was Granger who decided not to accept the Chancellor’s recommendation!

…of Maduro
Maduro’s counting on the international norm for countries not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries to cling on to power.
But with 3 million Venezuelans refugees in neighbouring countries, the latter are rethinking their position.