Descent into the abyss…

…via PNC neuroses
To read about the goings on at GECOM’s meetings is like looking at Eugene O’Neil’s classic Long day’s journey into night. In the latter, the dysfunctional Tyrone family’s fatal flaws of addiction and alcoholism erupt in every act, and with depressing regularity, all end up in frustration as the ties of togetherness become increasingly frayed. With GECOM, the fruit of Granger’s fatal unilateral choice of Patterson spills over in rancour and bitterness at every meeting – as the former pulls the strings to prolong the life of his Government.
Each in its own way, is a tragedy and from the beginning, we know what the ending will be – and it ain’t gonna be pretty. After all, alcoholism, drug addiction and elections rigging to hold onto power are all compulsions that have a logic of their own – a logic that drags everyone around into a vortex of destruction. In O’Neil’s case, he knew what he was writing about – pretty much a history of his own self-destructive family. And in our case, those of us like your Eyewitness who lived through the first, long iteration of the PNC that ended in the destruction of everything we held dear, it’s like “déjà vu all over again”!!
Just look at the latest Act in the GECOM tragedy. With the CCJ’s decision on the NCM looming over the political system that was thrown for a loop when the PNC did a volte face and refused the NCM that was validated by the Speaker – who Granger had also appointed – GECOM ignored the warning signals thrown their way by the august Justices. The latter wanted to know why the hell, after the said approval by the National Assembly of the NCM, GECOM didn’t crank into action for the constitutionally mandated General Elections in three months!!
And ditto when the said approval was affirmed by the High Court in the person of our eminent Chief Justice – after the PNC clutched at the “half-person” straw thrown their way! Well more of GECOM neuroses were exposed at this last meeting. Seems the legal counsel of GECOM informed the CCJ there was no need for an appearance of her body, since, having no skin in the game, would comply with whatever decision was handed down.
All hell broke loose as Patterson and the PNC Commissioners laced into her. And now we know why GECOM sent up miserable Marcus to the CCJ. And was crucified!!
But even more damning was the legal counsel’s circulated opinion that there really was no need for a house-to-house exercise!!
How dare she offer her opinion, without being told by the PNC what that is!!

…on GECOM’s racial discrimination
The pathology of the PNC’s condition was best described by Walter Rodney. It emanated from Burnham – its “founder leader” – who was afflicted with a “reverse” Midas Touch. Unlike the original Greek King, everything Burnham touched turned to “sh*t”!! Rodney defended his seemingly harsh diagnosis of Burnham and the PNC’s condition by pointing to the destruction of lives emanating from their actions.
And today, we can appreciate Rodney prescience when we examine GECOM’s operations run by Granger’s hand-picked appointee, Patterson. After a complaint was filed with the ERC that GECOM’s hiring policies were racially discriminatory, Patterson was summoned by the ERC to explain their hiring practices.
Patterson showed up but climbed up on such a high horse, he had to be rebuked. To every question, he answered, “don’t know” but would get back to the ERC with the data requested.
The man – who was supposed to be a “fit and proper” Judge – never did!!
Touched by the PNC, he’s willing to close his eyes to racial discrimination!! Ka-Ka everywhere!!

…in other Commissions
Just like GECOM, the Forestry Commission’s being “touched” by the PNC, after a “task force to reorganise and restructure” the body was launched.
Addressing concerns by present staff about his personal AFC appointee Clayton Hall, Trotman dismissed them as “misguided”!!