Dexter Gardner to design Guyana’s National Costume for Miss Earth competition

Guyana Premier and the Miss Earth Guyana Organization is pleased to announce that Dexter Gardener will design Guyana’s National Costume at the Miss Earth Pageant for 2019.
The 25-year-old Gardener stated that “Fashion has no limitation or boundaries,” and by this he will be bringing his ‘A’ Game as Faydeha King competes with over 100 other countries on the international stage.
Gardener’s first design was for the Mr. Guyana International Pageant 2016 which grabbed the top prize. In 2018, at the Miss Earth Guyana Competition, finalist Oriana Castello copped Bronze for her Guardian of the Earth costume, another of his designs.
This did not deter him and he returned to the Miss Earth Guyana 2019 Competition as he presented another costume displayed by Anessa Vansluytman which won the Best National Costume for the competition.
The design and execution style for Miss Earth Guyana 2019 national costume will be a reminder of important pages of Guyana’s history – how we were living in the past, what were our traditions, what we were wearing, and so on. The costume will be lit with Guyana national flower, the Victoria Regia along waterfalls of Guyana’s greenery and a fairy-like execution.
In 2018, Xamiera Kippins, who represented Guyana, copped the gold medal for her National Costume during the competition. The competition was done by continent and Guyana topped for South America. Coming in with the Bronze medal was Peru and Silver was Ecuador.
Kippins’ costume depicted Guyanese Folklore, “Ole Higue”. The “Ole Higue” is a shape-shifting creature of folklore that appears in the form of a solitary old woman by day. During the night however, she strips herself of her wrinkled skin and puts it in a mortar. The winning costume was designed by renowned Guyanese designer, Randy Madray.
Miss Earth 2019 will be the 19th edition of the Miss Earth pageant. Nguyễn Phương Khánh of Vietnam will crown her successor at the end of the event on October 26, 2019 in the Philippines.