Don’t make jokes with the Guyana Police Force!

Dear Editor,
Over the years, many people, especially drivers, got accustomed to bribing their ways out of situations and got accustomed to getting away, and in some cases ignoring the tickets that are issued to them. The system was in such a way, that everyone was benefitting, but conveniently Police do take action and penalise errant people.
Editor, many people usually get tickets, discard them without paying and those who got charged refuse to attend court, and instead would go to the arresting officer, senior officer, court orderly, or the prosecutor and offer a bribe to duck the jacket. Now, many drivers were enjoying this lawlessness and fortunately, they don’t know or believe things okay, even though changes are happening, they disregard them. Unknown to them, many warrants were issued when the matter was called in court.
Unknown to many, when a warrant is issued, the Police would wait to execute the warrant on weekends, especially when the weekends are long. The law is in such a way, once a warrant is issued, the Police could arrest you and compel you to keep you in custody until the next court day. No one can legally get the Police to release them from Police custody.
Now, this weekend is very long, and conveniently the Police decided to act accordingly against a few Route 32 minibus drivers and made quite a few arrests on Friday. Today, numerous drivers are at the La Grange Police lock-ups and their families are complaining because the drivers’ families are making all attempts to reach all types of people to get their release. Hope they learn their lesson.

Sahadeo Bates