Down and dirty…

…in the AFC
Well, today’s the day when the last rites will be read over the carcass that was once the AFC!! Back in 2015, Ramjattan – the then AFC Leader – did predict that if the party hooked up with the PNC for the elections, it would become “dead meat”. Well, the AFC did in fact coalesce with the PNC, and did in fact become “dead meat” – which was only preserved by the embalming qualities of power and perks!!
The question, of course, is: If Ramjattan knew what the AFC’s fate would be, why’d he go along? Surely, he and Nagamootoo, who’d joined the AFC by then, didn’t think the Cummingsburg Accord would be followed by Granger and the PNC, did they?? Even the fellas in the rum shops they were wont to habituate could’ve told them that you can’t stop dogs from sucking eggs, much less the PNC from hogging power!!
But, sadly, it became clear that the leaders of the AFC were possessed of exactly the same weaknesses that they’d criticised in the PNC and PPP camps – consumed by the trappings of pelf and power! And even when the “power” was proven to be illusory — PM Nagamootoo didn’t even get a proper substantive Ministry, much less increased power that would be shed by the president, and Granger and his army minions took over Public Security from Ramjattan – they remained faithful lapdogs of the PNC.
So, here we are, at their National Convention, where Ramjattan and Nagamootoo are in a no-holds-barred dog fight to be the AFC nominee for the useless, window-dressing PM slot on the PNC/AFC coalition ticket!! Do they really believe the PNC will have either ONE OF THEM a heartbeat away from an extremely ailing President Granger? If they do, your Eyewitness has a bridge across the Essequibo to sell them!!
Nagamootoo has his faithful poodle, the DPI, who’s foaming at the mouth against Ramjattan for the latter’s attempts to fight their stacking of the deck against him!! The lackey claimed “hooligans and thugs” have threatened him and his wife after they manoeuvred to get their names on the delegates list, from on high!! And that, “criminals and misfits are infiltrating the AFC with a view to changing its character”!! As if, when Ramjattan brought in Nagamootoo, the AFC wasn’t irretrievably ruined!!
Obviously pointing to Ramjattan, Nagamootoo’s water boy squeaked, “It is indeed bewildering that someone who played a central role in birthing, nurturing and building a political movement could be so eager to destroy and endanger that very movement in the pursuit of naked ambition on the basis purely of entitlement.”
What did Freud say about “projection”??!!

…over in GECOM
If it’s one thing David Granger has learnt from his mentor Forbes Burnham, it is that if you want to ensure your survival in government notwithstanding the will of the electorate, you gotta have a “toothless poodle” as GECOM’s chair. Burnham had two – both former Chief Justices. Not being able to find the real deal, Granger settled for James Patterson, whose pen “slipped” to describe himself also as a former “Chief Justice”!!
But you gotta hand it to Patterson, he’s conducted himself as adept at following his master’s voice as well as, if not better than, Burnham’s real deals!! He’s already hemmed and hawed his way to ensuring that regardless of what the CCJ rules next Tuesday, there ain’t going to be no elections till late this year. Mission accomplished for the PNC!!
And now, seemingly oblivious to the irony, he’s declared his “no confidence” in the GECOM legal officer, Excellence Dazzell!! And why?? Because, in her legal opinion, the voters list could be sanitised without a HtH registration.
How dare she?!!

…at MPI
The scandals over at the Ministry of Public Information aren’t restricted to fiddling with bids and double dipping into foreign travel funds. They extend to operational issues also.
The overpass lifts still aren’t working after a year. And the ECD Highway expansion schedule keeps expanding!!