Elite life with its pageantry and photo opportunities

Dear Editor,
Brother David Granger seems to be the Millie Vanilli of Guyanese politics. As he continues to give lip service to the issues affecting the masses, he remains very indifferent to the plight of the poor and the working class. For him, it is all about the elite life with its pageantry and the photo opportunities but never about the real human development issues. Case in point, how many families have had to pass their Father’s Day without adequate living conditions because, under Mr Granger, the housing strategy is almost dead on arrival for the people.
But let us reflect on one issue under Mr Granger that has drastically affected the people economically, psychologically and socially – crime. As we read in the newspapers, there is a major crime racket in the Police Force in Berbice but the reaction from Team Granger is absolute silence. But this trend is not today’s attitude of mind, it seems to be in the DNA of Team Granger.
Who promised in 2015 to support the establishment of a multi-agency task force on crime and security to influence policy and action in the Guyana Police Force so that fewer people will be exposed to crime. Who promised to root out the criminals in the Police Force? Who did not deliver on his promises to the people? David Granger!
Who promised, as one of his Foundation Principles in the 2015 APNU/AFC Manifesto, to enhance the personal security of the people? He even called himself the security candidate in his speeches. Who did not deliver on his promises to the people? David Granger! (See Page 11 of the manifesto).
Who promised the nation to confront serious crime and improve public and personal security but did very little to change the crime trajectory as it got worse? Who did not deliver on his promises to the people? David Granger!
Who promised the nation in 2015 to develop innovative, modern policing strategies and tactics to combat crime but has failed on every front to deliver on these promises to the people? David Granger!
Who promised the people that he will seek the help of the FBI, Canadian Mounted Police and Scotland Yard to help him build capacity but since achieving power treated these international crime fighters like aliens and pariahs in the war against the Guyanese crime wave? Who broke his promises to the people yet again? David Granger!
Who promised that he would fashion a functional Youth Policy that will focus on reducing crime? However, if we observe the process since May 2015, who has distanced himself from youth-friendly policies and has totally failed to engage the youths in fashioning such policies that will help reduce crime? Who again broke his promises to the youths? David Granger!
Editor, from my observation, Mr Granger just shows up and gives these speeches to give the impression that he cares, but when you dissect his policy actions, it is all about serving a small elite political cabal that is too tied to a principle of holding on to power by any means necessary so that the few friends and families like Simona Broomes can continue to enjoy the good life from the sweat of the poor and the working class.
It is from this angle that all Guyanese must expose, oppose and work hard to depose Mr Granger and his PNC gang, now paraded as APNU/AFC, from power at the ballot box.

Sasenarine Singh