…of Nagamootoo’s road
Today marks five years after the APNU/AFC coalition came into office following its victory in the 2015 elections. Moses Nagamootoo, with Ramjattan, pulled enough votes from the PPP’s traditional base to push the coalition across the wire. Barely – with a one-seat majority. But a victory is a victory, once you have a majority. Nagamootoo, in his only job he has left as a columnist for the Chronic since he was superseded in the COVID-19 Task Force by Harmon – said the coalition needs a “High Five” for its performance!!
Really?? Your Eyewitness wasn’t aware that Nagamootoo did stand-up comedy!! A high five for what?? For him getting a big, fat Larwah rather than the augmented Prime Ministership he was promised in the Cummingsburg Accord by Granger?? Whatever happened to that committee in the AFC that was supposed to tell off Granger about this?
In his review of the coalition’s term, he said it was “faced with a treacherous attempt at its removal from office”!! He didn’t have the guts to name the member of his party, Charrandas Persaud, who had more principles in his pinkie than he’s ever displayed in his entire political career of 50 years!! He realises he suffers by comparison with this neophyte who voted his conscience to stand up for his Berbice constituency that Granger had shafted by shuttering two sugar factories and throwing over 4000 workers into the streets.
“Treacherous”?? The NCM is one of the bedrocks of parliamentary democratic governance. Didn’t Maggie Thatcher accede to office after an NCM removed Big Jim Callahan by one vote?? Did Callahan bitch about “treachery”?? But Nagamootoo is such a lowlife, not only did he call the principled Charrandas a “Judas”, but along with Ramjattan, claimed that the fellow was bribed. This was an obvious projection of their own inner compulsions and guilt!!
Nagamootoo insisted that the coalition government had created a “Guyana Shining”!! “Shining” with what?? Shame in the eyes of the international community for conducting the most barefaced and inept elections rigging ever seen?? Nagamootoo claimed, “for inexplicable reasons, a potpourri of gullible and opportunistic elements was rounded up as extras among a cast of corrupt, anti-national forces to fake an electoral victory to oust the people’s government.”
Wasn’t it his government which had invited in all the observers and Ambassadors – “a potpourri of gullible and opportunistic elements?? – who denounced Mingo’s blatant attempt to “cock” the Reg 4 SoPs’ tabulation??
Nagamootoo proudly announces his visits to the US to spend time with his children. He should consider what’ll happen when the US slaps personal sanctions on his sorry a55!!
Visas are the first thing pulled. Then comes the orange jumpsuits!!

…game for PNC
The PNC’s insistence that the “Observations” – outlandish comments by their agents – on the recounted ballots in each box must now be read out and livestreamed encapsulates their strategy to stymie the results of these elections – after being caught red-handed with Mingo’s hapless caper!! First of all, here we have a “recount” being segued into an “audit” by Claudette Singh on their behalf. She’s once again shown her hand.
The reading of the Observations eats up a significant chunk of recount time, which has already been curtailed by an hour on the PNC’s demand and Claudette’s acquiescence. This is the first prong of the strategy, which hopes to grind down the patience of the Caricom observers by ensuring the recount lasts for months. The second prong will be to have the “Observations” used as sound bites on their social media blitz, to convince their supporters “they wuz robbed”!
And at the end – not necessarily at the end of the recount – to use the cumulative Observations to claim the elections are fatally flawed!!

…of the chain of command
Ramjattan says the decision denying the Carter Center re-entry was made by someone “above” him – Granger. Harmon says “not so”: the NCTF made the decision – meaning himself?
So, he’s higher than Granger??