Working… and playing hard

Your Eyewitness didn’t need an announcement that the PPP was removing “Marxism-Leninism” from its constitution. After looking at the dancing, music, singing and general festive goings-on by the more than 3000 delegates at their Congress, even a visitor from Timbuktu would realise this was no get-together of those traditional austere Marxist-Leninists. They’d feel they were betraying the cause if they cracked a smile!! Quick, now….did you ever see a pic of Marx, Lenin or Stalin smiling?? They had to show they were burdened by the teeming masses of the “working class” under the boots of those rapacious, blood-sucking capitalists??
No smiling matter, that!! As a matter of fact, Stalin took his cue from the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, whose favourite phrase was “Off with their heads!! He separated some 20 Million heads in the Russian Republics who didn’t quite get the idea that their property should be shared with all and sundry!! To think otherwise was to “betray the cause”!! Not exactly inspiration for that vigorous Russian Cossack dance!! Or Swan Lake!!
Anyhow, seems that the organisers of the PPP Congress must’ve decided that “all work and no play” makes their delegates dull boys and girls – of all ages. The “play” was led by no other than Prezzie himself. He must’ve been channelling Michael Jackson as he combined the moves of the king of pop with some good old-fashioned Caribbean dancehall moves!! You can move the man from Leonora to the State House but can’t remove the moves of the bottom-houses of Leonora. So, really, Dear Reader, the PPP didn’t have to TALK about their connection to the ordinary man and woman – they SHOWED it!! And “show” is always better than “tell”!!
Your Eyewitness was also pleased with the combination of the tassa, Amerindian and Congo drums?? What better way to signal the long-talked-about UNITY of our peoples than having them move together in rhythm?? Most significantly,  THERE WERE NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES served during all the merry making!! This is as historic as removing the term Marxism-Leninism!! One of the scourges in the land is, of course, demon alcohol…and your Eyewitness hopes when these Delegates return to their villages, they’ll take back this message!!
Your Eyewitness noticed that the Opposition sycophants are making a mountain of the molehill that the PPP’s Congress’s party flags were flying in the Convention Centre that’s being used for the National Assembly sittings!! Now you know the Opposition’s desperate when they’re obviously trying to equate this act with Burnham’s PNC flying its flag over the Court of Appeal!! Really??!!

It’s the PUBLIC BUILDINGS that symbolise the seat of the legislature. The Convention Center can be rented by anyone!!

…voting for the CC
The PPP has retained the principle of “democratic centralism” in terms of its party structure and its operations. The principle was popularised by Lenin in 1917 and basically holds that all directing bodies of the party shall be elected; These party bodies shall give periodical accounts of their activities to their respective Party organisation; there shall be strict Party discipline and the subordination of the minority to the majority and all decisions of higher bodies shall be absolutely binding on lower bodies and on all Party members. Lenin described democratic centralism as consisting of “freedom of discussion, unity of action”.
Democratic centralism is illustrated by the election of the 35 members of the Central Committee yesterday. Each party group, after full discussion, would’ve nominated a number of delegates to the Congress based on their membership size. These party groups would’ve also nominated their choices for the CC and at Congress would vote for 35 persons from the list of nominees – this time 93.
And that’s it!!

…now on to the Ex-Co
The Central Committee members will now meet later this week and elect the 15 members of the Executive Committee (Ex-Co). The number of votes received during voting for the CC is a good indicator.