Enough is not being done to curb violence against teachers

Dear Editor,
Though it is understandable with veiled messages: enough is enough and teachers will take no more; the somewhat violent actions of the teacher brandishing a weapon in a closed school environment, circulated on social media, cannot be upheld as exemplary, and must be condemned.
Whatever the circumstances which led to the resort to such extreme conduct on the teacher’s part, it must be said that her action went too far, and could have resulted in unwanted and unwarranted outcomes. Better sense should have prevailed; after all, teachers are the moulders of minds. Such a display has no place in society, especially in the school environment.
This by no means places the other party involved in the fracas in a positive light, and their actions must also be condemned. Violence against teachers in schools has gotten terribly out of hand. This latest incident should serve as a wake-up call, and serve as an indication that enough is not being done to curb violence against teachers.

Shamshun Mohamed

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