Family homeless for Christmas as fire ravages Tuschen house

Four persons: Anita Ramkorren, Andy Dookram, Mundy Dookram and Koreena Dookram, are now homeless after a fire destroyed their home at North Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).
Fire Chief Kalamadeen Edoo confirmed that the fire occurred at about 15:00h on Wednesday. Reports are that the Leonora Fire Station received the emergency call at around 15:03h, and one tender responded right away.
However, the one-storey building was completely gutted by the fire, although no other building was damaged.
“It was contained to one building, the building was severely destroyed,” the Fire Chief stated.
According to Edoo, it is suspected that the fire was started by “malicious setting of fire. Apparently there was some dispute, we’re not sure.”
Reports on social media indicate this is the second time this family have lost their home to a fire. When asked about this, the Fire Chief could not confirm.
“I heard on social media, but I have to do an investigation to know when was the first one, if it was during this same year, or if it was some years back. Right now, my personnel are checking back to know when was the first one,” he explained.