…while sugar burns
So now we hear there are “plans” for Wales – but they can’t be revealed as yet. They’ll be “released next month”. This, we assume, is supposed to reassure the 50,000 or so citizens of West Bank Demerara who depend on Wales Sugar Estate as their economic anchor. Interestingly, the news came from Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman. Is Minister of Agriculture Holder still in Costa Rica solving Latin America’s Agri problems? He has, of course, such a stellar record in Guyana!
Trotman said the plan “might” involve aqua-farming. Wales has 14,000 acres of agricultural land…so how many will be turned over to the fishes? 100 acres? How’s that tilapia farm in Canal doing? Might the West Bankers be apprised of that experience to further reassure them? How many will that venture employ? 50 persons of the 1700 thrown out on the streets after the closure of Wales this year-end?
And let’s not insult people who know sugar – that’s everybody at Wales and Uitvlugt – that sugar cane and sugar workers from Wales will be transported to Uitvlugt. Ain’t gonna happen. Trotman also said the abandoned Wales Sugar Factory will also produce electricity. With what? So they’ll haul the bagasse back from Uitvlugt? And there’s gonna be a Power Purchase Agreement?
He also said (he was quite loquacious, no?) there will be “housing schemes and industrial sites” established along the new road – which’ll cost at least billion – between Wales and Uitvlugt – with ‘factories and the facilities will become very attractive.” Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? Shouldn’t there be factories to provide jobs to justify the new settlements? Has the huge 3796-house, 15,000 resident Parfait Harmonie scheme on West Bank, with its own 4 million access road – brought in any “factories”?
Who’s fooling whom? As was outlined in an editorial in this newspaper last week, this Government’s gonna close down the sugar industry. And its privatisation plans for Wales is just the pilot project. But if it has any political sense, it should follow what’s going on over in the US. The Big Banks – crucial cogs in America’s economy – have been asked to make “living wills” – (the technical term is “resolution plans”) – in preparation for their eventual deaths.
Meaning if the collapse of institutions would have massive impact on the economy and people, they must have a plan to alleviate the worst-case scenario. And allocate funds for same. If the Government’s saying sugar ain’t too big to fail – and won’t be subsidised any longer – we better have a living will from GuySuCo.
Or all those sugar workers might just have to make their own living wills.

…on ethics
Your Eyewitness just got his biggest laugh of the year when he read Town Clerk Royston King’s drafting a “Code of Ethics” for City Hall!!! The last time he laughed as loudly was when Hamilton Green launched his crusade for a moral revival! What’s the thinking behind this latest jaw-dropper? That the best thief will make the best policeman? And the most ethically challenged will chisel another set of morals on stone tablets? So what if the best thief’s just hit his prime and he’s just been given the keys to the vault? At best, wouldn’t it be a case of the spirit might be willing but the flesh is weak?
And how weak is Royston King? Let us count the ways. Is there a day that goes by and there isn’t a letter in the press describing another shifty move by this slick operator? But there’s hope.
If this Code of Ethics follows the fate of the one promised by the Government – it’ll never see the light of day!

…with Pharma bids
With the shortages of Pharma reaching a point of no return, the mega annual bids will be announced next week.
Word is, the “Spoiled Milk” supplier and the “Sole-sourced Fertiliser” supplier have the inside track.
“Political investments”?