Fire destroys Essequibo Coast sawmill

A devastating fire has left a businessman counting his losses after it ravaged his multimillion-dollar sawmill at Spring Gardens, Essequibo, on Easter Monday.

The sawmill on fire on Monday

Reports are persons in the area noticed the smoke at about 17:30h and contacted the Guyana Fire Service but the firemen never arrived until 19:00h.
Upon arriving at the scene, the firemen tried to save the business but encountered several difficulties.
It is believed that the dry sawdust around the compound caught fire thus making it much more difficult for the fire tenders to put out the blaze.
Guyana Times understands that a farmer in the area was burning his field when the fire rapidly changed course and spread to the sawmill.
The fire officials are presently investigating the cause of the fire. However, the owner of the business, Ramesh Ramotar, refused to offer a comment.