Fisherman found dead in rice field after allegedly crashing into utility pole

A fisherman was on Tuesday morning found dead in a rice field at De Hoop Branch Road, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD), after he was believed to have crashed into a utility pole.
At the scene, an electric wire was seen drooping from a pole into the rice field where the body was seen lying..
Police stated that they received a telephone call from an anonymous caller who reported that a man was seen lying face up in a rice field about five feet from a motorcycle bearing registration number CJ 4816.
The dead man was subsequently identified as Charran Balleram, 23, of Quakers Dam, Mahaica.
Balleram’s brother, also a fisherman, said he and the now-dead man normally would go fishing and on Tuesday about 04:40h, he was at home waiting for him, but he never showed up.
The man told investigators that about 05:55h, he decided to go look for his brother and found him lying in the rice field and his motorcycle on its side next to a GPL pole.
The body was taken to the Mahaicony Public Hospital mortuary to await a post-mortem.
The motorcycle was also examined and the front light was found to be broken. However, family members claimed that the light was broken a long time ago.
Police are awaiting the results of an autopsy to be conducted on the body.