Guyanese woman stabbed to death by boyfriend in Suriname

32-year-old Guyanese Lisa Charran has become Suriname’s first murder victim for the New Year, having been stabbed to death by her 48-year-old partner during an argument on New Year’s Day.
Police in Suriname have said they are on the hunt for the Guyanese man who committed the murder.
Charran was killed on Koendjbihariweg in New Amsterdam, in the Commewijne District of Suriname, and the Waterkant news agency has since identified the suspect as Dani J, who is yet to be apprehended.
The news agency reported that the couple had had an altercation shortly before the murder. The owner of the rented house in which these two persons were staying told Surinamese reporters he had intervened and settled the argument, and had later gone to the store. Upon his return, he was told that Charran had been murdered by the suspect.
“The Surinamese Police report that the preliminary investigation has shown that Lisa’s 10-year-old daughter was watching television with her sister and brother when the eldest child suddenly heard her mother screaming outside. She went to the screams, and on that occasion, she saw how her stepfather Dani J. inflicted several stab wounds on her mother with a sharp object.
“Her mother then sank down with the sharp object in her hand, after which the suspect took off. On that morning, the Nieuw Amsterdam Police received a telephone report that a stabbing had taken place at the aforementioned address”, the Waterkant news agency report read.
It has been reported that upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement found Charran bathed in blood on the garage floor, with a sharp object in her right hand. A doctor later confirmed her dead. Her lifeless body was later seized by the Surinamese Police for an autopsy.
Investigations are ongoing.