Flexing muscles… or shadow boxing?

We’re slowly but inexorably inching towards Dec 3rd — that’s the day, we all know, unless we were running for our lives from Israeli bombs in Gaza, when Mad Maduro’s gonna be holding his referendum on whether or not Venezuelans support his annexation of our Essequibo. That’s what it comes down to…and don’t let anybody tell you differently. There can be no more to that; just think about it!! Let’s say we, Guyanese, were to hold a referendum as to whether or not we should annex Suriname …do you think that’s of any consequence to whether we’re justified in doing so?? Of course not!! That would be believing that you can actually pull yourself up by your own shoelaces!!
It’s like having an opinion on a subject. Everyone or every country’s entitled to their own opinion – but it’s universally accepted they’re not entitled to their own facts!! And the only fact that matters in this controversy raised by Venezuela is gonna be determined by the ICJ – which is an organ of the UN, to which every country on planet Earth belongs! Now, the ICJ has already determined that it has jurisdiction over the controversy – because it was agreed to by Venezuela when they signed along the dotted line in 1966 in the Geneva Treaty. Maduro can jump high and he can jump low – or he can even jump up and down as he throws a tantrum – but he can’t change that fact!!
Now, we believe no cause is just, AND we’re following the oldest universally-accepted principle of international law on treaties – pacta sunt servanda – agreements must be kept. Without such a rule, there would be no state system, and every country knows we’d end up in a greater chaos than we’re in right now. On the matter of borders, every national boundary would be challenged, since they were settled by treaties. But Mad Maduro knows all of this, so we return to the question as to why his referendum??
Your Eyewitness has already stated his opinion on the matter, but with the tensions rising internationally, he might as well have another go. And it all boils down to the truism ‘all politics is local’. Maduro’s caught between a rock and a hard place on his hold on power. He inherited Chavez’s populism, wherein they gave away the (Venezuelan) store to the poor for their support. But the shelves of that store are now emptier than Mother Hubbard’s…and 7.5 million refugees attest to that.
He’s scared shitless that his boast of being elected “democratically” is gonna be exposed in next year’s election, so he’s using the oldest ruse in the world – raising a foreign bogeyman to rally Venezuelan voters behind him!!

…with powerful friends
With a small nation like ours, it’s accepted that when we’re threatened by international bullies, we gotta call upon other nations that share our perspective on the bully. It’s not a question of calling on “friends”, as your Eyewitness is never tired of preaching that when it comes to the international world system, there are NO permanent friends or permanent enemies; just permanent interests.
So, with Mad Maduro waving his sword in the west like a Tasmanian Devil, we noticed we didn’t even have to call, yet Colombia, Brazil and the US rallied to our side. Let’s not talk about our “friends” in Caricom!! Colombia and Brazil have border issues with Venezuela, while the US has its eyes on the 300B barrels of oil sloshing around under their soil. Those INTERESTS focus their attention wonderfully on our cause!!
So, you noticed the moment it was announced that a US Dept of Defence team would visit our Mudland, Venez troops started retreating from our Essequibo border!!

So we have a 4-day ceasefire in GAZA. But Israel’s already announced that this is just to exchange some hostages. Next Tuesday, their efforts to turn Gaza into an uninhabitable moonscape with continue. Say a dua for Palestinians.