Flooding hits New Amsterdam again

Pitt Street, New Amsterdam

Several communities in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) were inundated following a continuous downpour in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.
Among the communities affected was New Amsterdam, where, at one school compound, caimans came out to play in the water just next to a classroom with lower-grade students.
According to the Hydrometeorological Department of the Agriculture Ministry, some sections of Region Six received between 20 and 50 millimetres of rainfall. Two of the areas impacted in a negative way were New Amsterdam and sections of East Canje.

Kent Street, New Amsterdam

Many of the stores were closed in the main shopping area at downtown Pitt Street, as more than eight inches of water covered sections of that street. Adjacent streets were also inundated. The downpour resulted in water getting into sections of the New Amsterdam Market.
Only last week, President Dr Irfaan Ali commissioned a drainage pump in Tucber, New Amsterdam, to assist with drainage in Vryman’s Erven and surrounding communities.
Mayor and Town Council Housing Scheme as well as Bermine Housing Scheme, which are prone to flooding during prolonged rainfall, were not impacted by the downpour, which lasted for about eight continuous hours. Residents there expressed delight at the development, noting that the recently-installed pump had prevented a buildup of water on the land, even though the sluice door was closed because of the high tide.
However, in Vryman’s Erven Housing Scheme, the water remained in some yards and covered some sections of the road network all day.
Apart from New Amsterdam, the affected areas in the region were Canefield New Area, Adelphi, Ordnance Fort Lands and Palmyra; but the Regional Vice Chairman, Zamal Hussain, said it was only a buildup of water, and not flooding.
“We have some work ongoing in New Amsterdam, whereby we installed a new pump there several days ago. Right now, as I speak to you, the pump is not working because the tide is down, and we have opened the sluice door; but as soon as the tide is up and we have to close the sluice door, we will start the pump again,” he said.
Meanwhile, a second pump will be installed in Stanleytown by Friday to assist with quick drainage to sections on New Amsterdam. The pump will throw water into the Berbice River. Additional, work is being done in the township to clear the main waterways.
“There is still some amount of work to be done in Stanleytown and central New Amsterdam. We could not do much to prevent the buildup of water; it is because of the heavy rainfall. Climate change, and the effect it has had on the weather pattern are causing these problems. Hopefully, we will try to resolve some of these problems. The pump that we are going to install in Stanleytown will not eliminate the problem, but it will assist tremendously to ensure that we drain the system quickly and efficiently.”
Meanwhile, at two schools in the town, small caimans were allegedly seen in the compound in the water.
Despite the several hours of continuous rainfall in the Region, none of the major agriculture communities was severely impacted. According to the Vice Chairman, there were no reports from the East Bank of Berbice, Black Bush Polder, the Central Corentyne and Crabwood Creek. (G4)