From a bang…

…to a whimper in the courts
When Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo filed the PPP’s no-confidence motion against the PNC-led coalition Government, there were hoots of derision from the Government benches. “Bring it on!!” screamed PM Nagamootoo shrilly – probably because of his neutering, everything he utters comes out falsetto!! “Bring it on!” screamed their Chief Whip Amna Ally, with a bit more elaboration: “Our 33-seat majority is firm as the rock of Roraima!!”
Well, she should know even Roraima was formed by slow erosion from the elements over the millennia. And it was the “never see, come fuh see” elements in Charrandas Persaud’s (CP) AFC who eroded his loyalty over the past three years. Elements like the same Nagamootoo, who threw the sugar workers living around Persaud in Berbice, under the bus. And never uttered a word of sympathy, much led protested. It was for their own good!
Well from the “bang” of bravado, the PNC coalition’s been reduced to the “whimper” of meekly filing a case in the courts, claiming CP’s vote was invalid because he holds “dual citizenship” in Canada as well as in Guyana!! This from a coalition who replaced CP with a 70+ year-old lady who holds dual citizenship in the USA as well as Guyana!! Didn’t SHE utter this pledge when she became a US citizen? “I renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen.” How hypocritical can you get?
But your Eyewitness wants to know what happened to all the bravado belted out over the alternate-universe Maths evidently holding 33 isn’t greater than 32 in a collection of 65 MPs?? Were they beamed back to Earth by the overwhelming evidence from concrete parliamentary practice across the globe – including the Mother of Parliaments? Or theoretically, from various and sundry branches of Mathematics such as “sets” or the distinction between discrete variables and continuous variables? Forget also the “bribery” claim.
So here we have: the PNC’s brought out their newly-rewarded O R lawyer, Rex McKay – who’s gotta be, what, 90? – to tell them their only hope is to object to CP’s dual citizenship. Oh, how low has the bombastic fallen!! So, what do they say about all the legislation they passed since 2015 with this “invalid” vote?? That their hoped-for decision should apply only to the no-confidence vote?
Well, no matter how they slice it or dice it, that vote’s a done deal – as reiterated by the Speaker – and any change will be retrospective!! The very best they can hope for is a prospective declaration.
Meaning, they’ll just have to find 13 new candidates in three months!!

…to a volte face
Imagine, Moses Nagamootoo, who brought a no-confidence vote in 2014 against the 32-seat “minority” PPP Government, is now saying, “The Constitution should not allow for governments to be easily ousted”!!  What’s changed since then?? Well, there was that $2.2 million salary – bumped to ensure he pipped the Attorney General! And that specially modified $60 million black Toyota Landcruiser. Then, best of all, those outriders who’re instructed to always have their sirens wailing at top decibel to announce a Very Important Person is passing!!
But back to Nagamootoo’s rationale for his outburst. He said if a Government had 33 seats, then an Opposition with 32 seats could “buy, induce or encourage someone by one form or the other to vote out the Government.” Is this what he had in mind back in 2014, when he floated his no-confidence vote? Did his PNC comrades remind him this is what Burnham had done back in 1967 to control the Government without the support of Peter D’Aguiar??
Mout’ open and story jump out!!

…to a whimper in corruption charges
After screaming for years that the PPP had “siphoned billions and billions” from the Treasury, the PNC-led Government’s been unable to have a single charge stick!!
Leading the Opposition Leader to issue his own “bring it on” challenge!!