Full scholarship for Bartica murder victim’s daughter

Kezia King, on Wednesday, received a full scholarship to the University of Guyana to further her studies in the field of social work from the Government of Guyana.
The scholarship was handed over by Public Service Minister Sonia Parag, who also heads the Government’s Scholarship Division.

Public Service Minister Sonia Parag handing over the scholarship documents to Kezia King

King, the daughter of 37-year-old Natoya Speede who was chopped to death by her husband Orrin King in the vicinity of the Bartica Airstrip, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), recently enrolled at the University of Guyana where she is reading for her degree in social work.
Minister Parag reached out to King following an article published in Guyana Times on Sunday, January 17 that highlighted that the young woman was having difficulties meeting her financial obligations to further her studies.
According to the Government’s press arm, the Department of Public Information (DPI), Parag, in an invited comment, said she was moved after reading about the young woman’s tragic circumstances and reached out to offer her a scholarship.
Shortly after receiving the scholarship, King told Guyana Times that she remained grateful for the opportunity and intended to make full use of it.
“I’m so happy that I can move on without having to study how I’m going to pay my tuition,” the 18-year-old said.
On March 27, 2020, King and her brother Oriel witnessed their father hacking their mother to death. He would then turn the knife on himself in what would turn out to be a failed attempt to take his own life.
He was charged for murder and remanded to prison until the matter comes up again on May 14.
The teenager has been having a difficult time coping particularly because of the fact that she witnessed her mother’s murder. She tried to save her, but could not overpower her father.
As a coping mechanism, King enrolled into the University of Guyana’s social work programme to get qualified as a social worker. She wants to be able to use her experiences to change the world for the betterment of women – particularly in abusive relationships. (G2)