GABF confirms Men’s 3×3 U23 Team for inaugural Caribbean Games in Guadeloupe

Guyana will be among eight (8) countries participating in the 3×3 Basketball event at the inaugural Caribbean Games, scheduled from June 29th to July 3rd, 2022 in Guadeloupe.

Guyana’s U23 3×3 Team, along with Coordinator Sileena Arjune

The Guyana Basketball Federation (GABF) has announced a four-member team that will compete in four 3×3 Basketball at the Gymnase de Boisripeaux in Les Abymes.
The Caribbean Games are being organised by the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC). The five-day meet fulfills the dreams of sports leaders in the Caribbean to organise multisport games for the region. The Southern Games, staged over a decade ago in Guaracara Park, Trinidad, featured only Athletics and Cycling. The Caribbean Games, however, will feature seven disciplines – Athletics, 3×3 Basketball, Cycling, Futsal, Judo, Swimming, and Netball, with demonstrations of handisport and e-sport.
The Guyana 3×3 Basketball U23 National Team will be led by team captain Stanton Rose, and would include Timothy Thompson, Yonnick Tappin, and Kimol Grimmond. The Head of the 3×3 Basketball Delegation will be the GABF Youth and 3×3 Coordinator Ms. Sileena Arjune.
All four players, along with the 3×3 Coordinator, returned from Suriname yesterday after successfully securing their French visas, which would allow them to enter the French territory of Guadeloupe.
The GABF organised four (4) friendly games against the Suriname 3×3 U23 National Team, and Guyana defeated Suriname 3-1. Guyana lost game one 15-22, but bounced back by handing Suriname three consecutive losses: 21-11, 18-7 and 18-16.
GABF Secretary-General Mr. Patrick Haynes said, “A Caribbean-oriented multi-sports event was a long time in the making, and we at the GABF are pleased to see that it is finally set to become a reality this month. These Games will afford our athletes an opportunity to compete against the region’s elite athletes, and provide another valuable opportunity for them to gain international experience in competition.”
The National Teams were previously placed in pairs, taking into account their FIBA 3×3 U23 Caribbean Ranking position. Then the teams and their spot were drawn to define the matchups. Here’s how the groups were aligned:
Group A:
1. Guyana (5)
2. Saint Lucia (7)
3. Cuba (13)
4. Guadeloupe (UR)
Group B:
1. Dominican Republic (1)
2. Puerto Rico (2)
3. Suriname (6)
4. Jamaica (10)
The top two teams from each group would advance to the semi-finals, while the rest would compete for the 5-8 spots.
In the semi-finals, the top two teams from each group will face the second team of each opposing group (1A vs 2B and 1B vs 2A).
The semi-final winners will qualify for the gold medal game, while the losers will play for third place and the bronze medal. (Georgetown, Guyana – 22 June 2022)