BBDC to spearhead Bartica Summer Regatta 2022

The Bartica Regatta will return this July through the efforts of the business community in the mining town of Region 7 (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).
With the aim of organising and hosting the Bartica Summer Regatta 2022, and also for a sustained service to the town of Bartica, a number of local business persons and sport enthusiasts have come together to form the Bartica Business Development Committee (B.B.D.C).
The Executive Committee of the organization now reads as follows:
President: Chunilall Baboolall
Vice President: Stephen Belle
Secretary: Alden Marslowe
Treasurer: Erwin Ward
Assistant Secretary: Reubica Ramgulam
Committee Members: Devnarine Persaud, Jermaine Joseph, George Benjamin and Jayden Browne.
Following finalization of the Executive Committee, the BBDC got down to business and identified July 24, 2022 as the date for the holding of the Regatta Powerboat Races at the Bartica Golden Beach, which will be supported by a line of activities covering a period of two weeks prior.
The proposed Programme of Activities will include the following:
1. Official Launch and Fashion Show July 10th Aruwai Resort
2. Cricket Finals and Fun Day July 17th Community Centre Ground
3. Karaoke Competition July 19th Upper Level Restaurant
4. Comedy Explosion July 21st Palm Springs Hotel & Bar
5. Motorcade July 22nd Around Bartica
6. Football Finals July 22nd Community Centre Ground
7. Grass Track Motorcycle Races July 23rd Community Centre Ground
8. Summer Road Jam July 23rd Bartica Stelling Square
9. “Run Bartica” Road Race July 24th Agatash Village to Bartica
10. Bartica River Swim July 24th Bartica Golden Beach
11. Regatta Power Boat Races and Beach Party July 24th Bartica Golden Beach
Additionally, the Committee is said to have two main objectives, the first of which is to ‘Give back to the community of Bartica in a meaningful way at the conclusion of the venture.” And the second, “to maintain the purpose of the committee, which is to promote and encourage the development of business within our community, and also to plan and execute similar projects in the future, to raise funds for its work and also for input towards meaningful local causes.”