Gazetted COVID-19 guidelines extended until February 28

– bars can open to 40%  capacity

The Government has further extended the gazetted COVID-19 measures from December 2020 until February 28, 2021. The measures maintain the curfew from 10:30h to 4:00h daily, and restrictions on social activities.
However, the new guidelines facilitate the opening of bars and restaurants from 4:00h to 21:30h. The updated order restricts indoor dining to 40 per cent of the capacity of the building, with tables placed six feet apart and no more than four persons allowed at one table.
Further, staff at the restaurants and bars are required to wear their masks properly and sanitise tables, chairs and bar countertops after each use. Buffet dining remains prohibited.
The guidelines restrict social gatherings and recreational activities including private parties, receptions, wakes or vigils. Restrictions on visitations are still in place at places of quarantine or isolation, prisons or correctional facilities, hospitals and nursing homes.
Additionally, healthcare workers must still benefit from preferential treatment when conducting business and, on submission of proof of identification.
Physical exercise is only allowed in parks, on roads, seawalls and near creeks and rivers. Gyms are also allowed to open at 50 per cent capacity, while sporting events are subject to approval from the Ministry of Health and must comply with the measures.
While the country’s borders with Brazil and Suriname remain closed, the Lethem crossing will be opened on Thursdays to facilitate trade.
The measures also stipulate the wearing of masks, social distancing, along with frequent sanitising and handwashing to curb the spread of the disease.