GECOM must dismiss Lowenfield, Myers, Mingo now

Dear Editor,
The trio of Lowenfield, Myers and Mingo will forever be remembered not fondly when elections are discussed in this country and in the diaspora. The many attempts to blatantly rig the March 2nd General Elections are unparalleled in any part of this globe in this age of advanced technology, and are well documented for now and posterity.
These attempts were seen live and direct, and posted on social media for the world to see.
What is disappointing though, is that, in any part of the democratic world, these three would have been summarily dismissed, given the mountain of irrefutable evidence available. This clarion call for dismissal of Lowenfield can be traced back to 2020, when Commissioner Robeson Benn filed a motion for Lowenfield to be fired from his post. He had submitted numbers which were not reflected by the Recount, even though he was instructed by the Chairperson to submit numbers reflected by the recount.
A statement by ANUG was definitive, that he should have been summarily dismissed, and criminal charges instituted against him. This statement read that “Lowenfield’s willful disobedience, recalcitrant and contemptuous attitude through his submission of fraudulent numbers and failure to attend a meeting of national importance scheduled on Saturday 11th July warrants not only summary dismissal, but immediate criminal investigation.” This was in July 2020.
Other organisations, such as the Organization of American States and the Citizenship Initiative, among several others, also echoed this call, but to no avail. Nearly a year after these calls, and more than one year after the General Elections, we have seen that whilst charges are still being instituted, there has been no dismissal as yet.
It now seems that dismissal is not on GECOM’s agenda. This has become so ludicrous and appears to be a farcical enactment of the sad path where our democracy is now heading.
The court matter is a different kettle of fish. The charges of conspiracy to defraud, misconduct in public office, forgery are for the court to determine based on evidence presented, but this should not be used to stall the disciplinary measures which should have been enforced. Lowenfield and Myers should have been summarily dismissed since the Chairperson and all the Commissioners have enough evidence for this.
Well, I am sure that the Coalition’s Commissioners “heard and saw no evil”, but the Chairperson and the other three Commissioners are enough to institute and enforce the disciplinary process. Lowenfield and Myers should then, if they so desire, seek redress in the civil courts, where the burden of proof is on a balance of probability, instead of beyond reasonable doubt. In any organisation, this is what should have been done, and had happened before.
What is disappointing is that the trio continues to hold this nation hostage, and this is absolutely unacceptable, since Local Government Elections due this year will not be held if these people continue to be on the job. We cannot, and should not, hold another election until the entire GECOM is sanitised.
GECO must dismiss these miscreants now. Democracy demands this. Guyanese here and abroad must demand that this happens, so that we are not forced to endure this unbearable torture once again!
Yours sincerely,
H Yusuf