GECOM must put its house in order

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Elections Commission is moving too slowly in putting its house in order. As the sole institution mandated to carry out elections in Guyana, we expect that matters there ought to be dealt with in an expeditious manner; but, sadly, this is not the case. Business at the commission is slothful, if not disappointingly stagnant, to say the least.
We would like GECOM to be punctual, swift, and speedy in its resolutions. Simply put, just get the nation’s business done!
Notwithstanding the walkouts and the political gimmickry by the main Opposition, we expect the Commission to be resolute and get its work done. Those systems that are already in place should have given it the muscle to iron out those anomalies that were set up to stymie progress.
So, we are politely asking GECOM to put its house in order. Key positions, such as the CEO and his assistant, as well as the Information Technology Specialist, have already been filled, so why the holdup? Other matters, such as the placement of a representative for the joinder parties and a mutually-accepted neutral nominee to represent the interest of the people, should be well in place. So, Madam Justice (ret’d) Claudette Singh, please get on with this critical democratic arm of our democracy.

Neil Adams