GFF, Capelli Sport Ink 4-year kit-supply contract

Following a successful initial engagement with Capelli Sport (CS), which outfitted the Guyana national senior men’s team the Golden Jaguars during their recent Gold Cup campaign, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has inked a four-year contract with that international sportswear manufacturer.

The current Golden Jaguars outfits

That contract, which became effective on August 29 last, makes CS the GFF’s official provider of uniforms, apparel and equipment for all categories of GFF teams: senior, youth and women; including U15, U17, U20 and senior teams respectively.
Among the other primary terms of the deliverables for CS are: Providing logistical support to national teams visiting the USA or Europe, including free access to CS-owned training fields, gyms, office spaces, and other similar facilities available to aid the preparation of teams; Facilitating player scouting opportunities, including professional and collegiate trials and exposure for GFF elite players; as well as coordinating training matches, as necessary; Creating and managing a branded online store for the GFF to sell replicas, fan wear, merchandise and accessories.
All fan wear items to be offered will be the same as what the GFF offer for their own fan wear sales.
The GFF will receive 30% of all the proceeds from fan wear sales, and in exchange will offer CS guaranteed annual purchase; preferential consideration when purchasing uniforms for grassroots programmes and/or any domestic competitions organised and/or administered by the GFF; as well as other fan-related merchandise.
CS will also be offered marketing privileges including, but not limited to: logo placements/agency brand visibility on GFF’s stationery; and marketing platforms, including social media, access to GFF’s marketing partners for promotion/engagement purposes, and access by CS to events organised by the GFF for promotional purposes, including the setting up of merchandise and promotional booths for international home matches.
GFF President Wayne Forde summed up the agreement thus: “The Capelli kit partnership contract is groundbreaking for Guyana Football. It is a very comprehensive kit/ apparel contract negotiated by the Guyana Football Federation. The process was long and sometimes frustrating, but in the end both parties were very happy with the final deal.
“The value this deal will deliver over the next four years will vastly impact the development of Football across Guyana. These are the types of opportunities that Gold Cup appearances create.
“The Golden Jaguars’ international exposure during the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup created value which was strategically leveraged to produce the best outcome for Guyana’s Football.”