Golf brings out “the goodness in all”

The attorney-at-law Christopher Ram, of the accounting firm Ram & McRae, having always been a leader in supporting the rights of those less privileged, saw the opportunity to continue his philanthropy when he started using the Nexgen Golf Academy on Woolford Avenue recently.
In an early Sunday morning practice session with Ramesh Dookhoo, the longtime friends, who shared common roots in Alexander Village, decided to undertake the role of providing access to the sport of golf to children from the Albouystown/ Alexander Village areas.
Ram and Dookhoo have undertaken to fund a monthly programme that would allow kids to learn the game at no cost to them. This incredible gesture of generosity would provide access to equipment, balls, and lessons for kids who would normally not have the opportunity to partake in a sport like golf.
“I have always supported the idea of rooting for the underdog, those most unlikely to win; and knowing how golf can make a difference in the way people act, think, and contribute to society, this is a simple decision,” said Mr. Ram.
“Ram & McRae are involved in many other philanthropic projects, and this is one that we will support, because it is a game that many dream of playing but previously could not access,” he continued.
Honorary Secretary of the Public Service Commission, Ramesh Dookhoo, was laudatory of the efforts being made by the Guyana Golf Association and Nexgen Golf Academy.
“The convenience of having a central location in Georgetown to give everyone access to the sport has made a huge difference that is visible to myself and hundreds of new players. With the Covid restrictions, I really enjoy the ability to spend a few hours in the open air close to home, and be able to participate in the sport I love. So, sharing this joy is a win-win for everyone!” he said.
Dookhoo reminisced that Chairman Clifford Reis of Banks DIH had sought to develop a regular youth programme, but distance and lack of a consistent development programme had led to the effort being discontinued.
“With this facility meeting the standards we desire, and location being the key factor, I hope to see many other companies joining the effort to grow the game,” he declared.
President of the Guyana Golf Association and Nexgen Golf Academy, Aleem Hussain, hopes that other likeminded business persons and organizations would join these gentlemen in their efforts to improve access to all those kids who would like to be a part of the fastest growing sport in Guyana.
“When you consider the numbers, staggering growth of 350% in just four months, this sport has excelled in reaching new players, development of players, and moving the agenda forward, especially in light of the current Covid guidelines,” he explained.
Hussain reminded: “Golf training at the Academy & Driving Range is one of the best ways to get exercise, learn a new sport, and have lots of fun for all ages in a socially distanced environment.”
With plans to expand teaching the sport in at least five regions over the next few months, it is expected that the goals set by the GGA to teach 2,000 new players the game by end of 2021 would quickly become a reality, in light of the fact that over 400 have started in just four months!
“We envision school tournaments, inter-region and national championships as we build towards a national team that will eventually represent our country at the Olympics. This is a sport that provides many benefits, especially for women in education at top universities worldwide.” said Hussain. “It’s also a great opportunity for business networking and deal-making that has long been unavailable to members of the general public,” he added.
For information on how you can partake in the sport, get lessons or practice, stop by Woolford Avenue, call 645 0944, or visit the Facebook page of Nexgen Golf Academy & Driving Range.