“Good things don’t come to those who wait, but to those who go and get them”

– David Mohamed wins Online Transformation Challenge/Competition

By Timothy Jaikarran

While many are at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, or awaiting their turn as gyms have reopened at 50 per cent capacity, David Mohamed, a regular citizen just like the rest of us, dug deep and won the Online Transformation Challenge/Competition hosted by YouTube fitness influencer/entrepreneur Christian Guzman.
Every year, Guzman, who owns a brand called Alphalete Clothing and several gyms, usually hosts an online competition called Summer Shredding. Mohamed took keen interest in the contest and signed up. He sent in a video of what he looked like before he began the challenge, knowing that he would destroy the competition despite the difficulties ahead. When talking about challenges, one would ask what type of challenges? But Mohamed did face them as the competition took place when all gyms in Guyana were closed making the task extra hard.
In an interview with Guyana Times Sport when asked his reaction to winning the competition, Mohamed said, “For me the experience has been very challenging, when I signed up – which was in April – 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, all gyms closed. I was unable to buy what I wanted, because I had to go into work and from there, it was straight home. With no gym, I had to get up and run four to five km every morning. Another challenge is I had to drive around to see which one of my friends had a private gym that was not opened to the public. This was a challenge indeed as I had to be hopping around the place looking for somewhere to work out. I even had to improvise at home and make equipment at times as the challenges I faced weren’t easy.”
He went on to state that his eating habits played a vital part in his results as he would skip breakfast and after that, eat five meals for the rest of the day for six days a week. These meals would usually be chicken breast and salad with black coffee (two of the meals) while before and after gym he would consume chicken and rice or protein shake and in the evening, he would eat six boiled eggs.
With all the challenges, Mohamed still came out on top, he showed grit and determination as he had his eyes on the prize and there was nothing that was going to stop him from getting what he wanted. At all times in his head, he would repeat his mantra which was, “Good things don’t come to those who wait, but to those who go and get them.”

David Mohamed at the end of the competition

At the end of the competition, Mohamed walked away with the top prize of US$2000. Interested individuals can follow Mohamed’s journey on his Facebook page at DAM Fitness.