GPF records surge in violations by motorcyclists over holiday weekend

The city of Georgetown, famous for its lively Easter celebrations, enjoyed a remarkably tranquil weekend this year, characterized by a welcome absence of fatal accidents. However, the festivities were not devoid of challenges, particularly concerning road safety, as emphasized by the Guyana Police Force.
Sergeant Williams from Division 4A’s (Georgetown) Traffic Department, speaking on an episode of “Traffic and You,” illuminated the predominant issues encountered during the holiday period. He noted a decrease in fatal accidents within the city but pointed out a surge in violations committed by motorcyclists.
“Many riders were seen disregarding safety protocols by failing to wear helmets and ignoring traffic signals, putting both themselves and others at risk on the roads,” he explained.

Sergeant Williams from Division 4A’s (Georgetown) Traffic Department

Consequently, law enforcement intensified their efforts to ensure public safety, resulting in numerous arrests. Several individuals were apprehended for driving under the influence of alcohol, a transgression that poses significant hazards to road users and undermines endeavours to maintain order and security during festive seasons.
Despite these hurdles, law enforcement officials affirmed their unwavering vigilance and commitment to upholding road safety standards across Georgetown. Through targeted enforcement actions and public awareness initiatives, the Police Force aimed to mitigate risks and cultivate a safer environment for residents and visitors alike.
“We have conducted day and night seminars for these motorcyclists. We even organized a helmet distribution event where officers provided helmets to be worn by these motorcyclists. However, many are opting for bicycle and construction helmets, which are not suitable,” remarked Sergeant Williams.
Addressing the evolving challenges on the roadways, Sergeant Williams emphasized the need for motorists to understand that law enforcement’s role is not antagonistic.
“We simply want them to realize that adherence to road rules, including wearing helmets, will prevent unnecessary interactions with the police. Our emphasis on helmets stems from the fact that head injuries can be catastrophic,” he asserted.
Furthermore, he highlighted the emergence of the Hero’s Highway at the Diamond access road as a hotspot for speeding motorcyclists. However, surveillance cameras along the route enable authorities to issue e-tickets to offenders, enhancing accountability and curbing reckless behaviour.
“We have implemented measures to address speeding,” he affirmed.
In light of these efforts, the Guyana Police Force remains steadfast in its mission to safeguard the community, urging all road users to respect regulations and prioritize safety at all times.