Granger emerges…

…from hibernation?
More than a full week after he abruptly conceded that APNU/AFC had lost the elections, when he agreed with the GECOM Chair’s declaration, PNC leader David Ganger finally “bruk voice”! His supporters, whom he’d persuaded the PNC had won, were is such a funk they just craved some words of comfort from him. It wasn’t too much to ask, was it? But it never came.
And inevitably, the denunciations of his “cold and heartless” attitude began to swirl among the PNC faithful, to fuel the demands from the ambitious young’uns for him to resign and let them take over. But finally, Granger broke his silence – one day after he communed with his hero Forbes Burnham at Seven Ponds. And put to rest any speculation that, at age 75, he might go quietly into the night!
In a seven-minute rant on Facebook (hibernation does leave bears surly!!) he once again demonstrated why he’s such a slimy character. The name “Sanctimonious Gangster” -which we’re told the Caricom leaders bestowed on him – might have to be downgraded to “fork tongue Gangster”!! Imagine a man who claimed to have governed for “all the people” over the last five years still not having the grace to accept the CCJ’s and Caricom’s pronouncement on the recount numbers!! He insisted these were flawed!!
As such, he showed he’s determined to keep the pot boiling with the fire of hate he’ll continue to stoke -like he’s done over the last year and a half. He seems to really believe he can duke it out with upstarts like Harmon, who’ve been champing at the bit to take over the PNC. This is certainly not the way to strengthen democracy in Guyana, since they’ll all be vying to prove who’s “toughest of them all” against the PPP!!
Towards this end, he issued a truculent warning to the PPP: “Desist from pursuing this dangerous pattern of aggression against officials, members of society, and persons perceived to belong to other political parties.” And concluded with this ominous warning, “The PPP will bear responsibility for the consequences of its conduct!” And what was this “dangerous pattern of aggression”?? The PPP were firing Government officials right, left and centre!
The PPP’s Gail Teixeira immediately rebutted Granger’s febrile ranting by explaining that all they’d done was ask “political appointees” to resign by Monday, or get termination letters…and that all PNC officials occupying Government quarters should vacate same forthwith!!
After five months of being in possession of the SOPs, these folks didn’t know that the PNC had lost. But they’re just fodder to provide the occasion for the war. The cause of the war we already know!!

…for what??
But, seriously folks, what’s the point of Granger clinging on the PNC leadership?? Firstly, there’s his age – he’s be 80 by 2025, and your Eyewitness won’t even mention his medical challenge. Even if he’s delusional that the elections petition would be heard before the PPP’s, which was filed since 2015, does he really believe he can hack it??
But, more germanely, he seems to’ve forgotten that he was brought in by Corbin as PNC leader in 2011, when they had to rig Carl Greenidge out of his rightful spot because they wanted to rebrand the PNC. They were going to present a “kinder, gentler” PNC, to attract outsiders who’d traditionally recoiled at the PNC’s thuggish image. Granger, who drops to his knees in church at the drop of a hat, fitted the bill, but he wasn’t PNC!!
But, in the last year and a half, Granger’s mask was ripped aside to reveal that he was as cold, callous and calculating at the best of them – meaning Hamilton Green!! Move over, Granger!

…into the light
If Granger persists in his foolish course, he’ll just be opening himself to ridicule from both within and without the PNC. If they thought Hoyte was aloof, just let them see Granger (we can’t say “in action!!) at Congress Place!