Granger must be held responsible if there is a constitutional crisis

Dear Editor,
Guyana is quickly approaching constitutional crises because of the refusal of the APNU/AFC coalition Government to accept the passage of the no-confidence motion and respect the Constitution of Guyana.
President David Granger as Opposition Leader protested the then PPP/C Government to respect the Constitution on numerous occasions, but unfortunately, despite the Chief Justice ruling on the NCM and the interpretation of the Constitution, David Granger refused to dissolve Parliament and announce the date for the Regional and General Elections.
While some may suggest that Granger is a man of honesty, integrity, respect etc, the refusal to resign is definitive evidence to suggest that Granger and his Government are intoxicated with the perks, corruption, good life, etc and would do anything to ensure they remain in Government legally or illegally.
GECOM as an autonomous institution and a creature of the Constitution must be prepared at all time for an election since the Constitution outlined the basis and eventuality for elections. GECOM at no time can refuse to respect the Constitution of Guyana, so the main culprit behind the deliberate delay of elections is solely David Granger.
David Granger, while addressing the staff at the Office of the Presidency, publicly stated that whatever the outcome of the courts is he would respect the decisions. Unfortunately, we can only have General Elections if there is a dissolution of Parliament by the President, in accordance with the Constitution. Besides that, we are quickly approaching a ‘constitutional crisis’.

Zamal Hussain