GTTA labels Wong as Youth Olympic prospect

With the 3rd Youth Olympic Games scheduled for Buenos Aries, Argentina in the summer of 2018, the Junior  international  calendar of events for eligible players will be become heighten  with much activity as players from around the world  seek qualification  in the various continental  championships  and Junior circuit events.
One such championships for players in this region, is the Latin America continental scheduled for May 12-14 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
As such, the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) named marque National player  Miguel Wong as its prospect for possible qualification to the Games  by submitting his name to the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA).

Miguel Wong

The GOA will  send Wong’s name to the International Olympic Committee for consideration as a possible  candidate/prospect for Universality Allocated Place/Position.
Wong is a  talented and discipline athlete whom the association feels has  a long term future in the sport and the potential to reach higher levels if given the correct nurturing, support and exposure.
His participation is this event while offering the opportunity to qualify also enhances his chances of gaining an universality place given the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) position on Universality allocated provisions (where preference for Universality Places is given to countries/athletes attending the many qualification events and Junior circuit events under the ITTF umbrella).
It also gives possible selection to the ITTF “With the Future in Mind” Road to Buenos Aires program which offers   enhanced  and rigorous training  regime.
Further, the 17 year-old will also be attending the South American Youth games scheduled for September 2017 and the Pan American Junior and cadet games qualifier which will help his international ranking.  The GOA has pledge its support to send Wong to this key event
The GTTA had another prospect in Nickolas Romain, however, they were only allowed to make one nomination.