Gunman shot during Mc Doom gas station robbery

A suspected bandit was shot in the wee hours of Friday morning in an exchange of gunfire during a robbery at the Shell Service Station, Mc Doom, Greater Georgetown.
The injured man who was reportedly shot to one of his legs is under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
According to information received, at about 02:30h, four armed men went to the gas station and held up three employees, relieving one of them of ,000 and a mobile phone before engaging Police in a high-speed chase and exchange of gunshots.
However, the men managed to escape into the village after the exchange of gunfire. The Police, however, went in search of the men and based on information received, the ranks went to a house where they found an unlicensed 9mm Glock Pistol and 35 matching rounds and twenty-six .32 rounds of ammunition.
At the scene on Friday, one of the pump attendants who was robbed explained that she was taking a nap and when she woke, she realised her colleague was nowhere around and thought that she was in the wash room.
After serving several cars, she noted that the young lady did not return hence she went to check on her. When she reached the washroom area, she saw her colleague and the guard lying on the ground and as she looked around, she was confronted by one of the gunmen who held her at gunpoint.
“He told me don’t move and that I must act normal and to hand over all the money I sell for the night… I give him the last set of money that I sell…there was three of them,” she noted.
The young lady further explained that one of the men left and went to the cashier but before doing so, he broke into the minimart section and discharged several rounds.
He then instructed the cashier to hand over the money she had at the time, while hurling abusive remarks towards her.
By this time, she noted that the Police arrived and there was an exchange of gunfire. Out of fear, she ran into the washroom and locked herself in. When she came out, everything was over.
She also noted that the gunman relieved her of 00 but was unsure how much he collected from her colleagues, stating that he might have collected over ,000 from the cashier. The pump attendant also told Guyana Times that after the men attacked, the cashier was attempting to call 911 but the calls went unanswered.
“She must be call the 911 number about 100 times… but her have a dispatcher number of the wall and we called them and less than three minutes, the Police came,” she noted.