Gunmen invade Diamond Fire Station

In another brazen daylight robbery, armed bandits on Thursday afternoon stormed the Diamond/Grove Fire Station and robbed firefighters of cash and other valuables.

According to one of the firemen who were attacked just after noon, two gunmen entered the premises, while five other firefighters were on

Guyana Times was told that the unmasked bandits demanded that the Fire Service ranks hand over their belongings and they complied. One of the firefighters, however, darted to safety, managing to escape the bandits, and immediately alerted residents in the area about the unfolding incident.

Unfortunately, his call for help also alerted the bandits who quickly fled the scene with the firemen’s bags, which reportedly contained some $160,000 in cash in total.

Police were contacted and promptly responded to the report. As such, one of the suspects was captured while the other reportedly escaped through nearby canfields. A search party has been launched and investigations are continuing.