Gunmen storm Chinese general store

…escape with cash

Two bandits on Saturday afternoon carried out a brazen daylight robbery on a Chinese business located at Lot 10 Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara.
The men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, relieved the owner, 23-year-old Xu Kai of $30,000 in cash which was kept in a box behind the counter.
Reports are the Chinese national was in the general store beyond the counter when the two men entered. Soon after one of the men reportedly whipped out a handgun from his pants waist and held the victim at gunpoint. The suspect then pushed his hands over the counter and took away the cash that was in the box.
After committing the robbery, the two men left the store, jumped on a bicycle and rode off. The Police were then summoned to the scene and the CCTV was extracted.
Those recordings are being reviewed to determine the identities of the two men. The Police are continuing their investigations and are hopeful of apprehending the suspects at the soonest.
In the past week, three East Coast Demerara (ECD) businessmen were relieved of large sums of money. In the first instance, Chatterpaul Persaud and his wife at Enmore, ECD were confronted by gunmen, who gained entry into the home via a door they prised open.
After ransacking the house, the men escaped with a quantity of gold jewellery and closed to $7 million in cash. Persaud was also hit to the head and had to seek medical attention.
In another robbery, 38-year-old Terry Chand, a contractor of Hope West Enmore, ECD, was shot to his head shortly after leaving a Triumph, ECD bank.
It was reported that the now injured man was just entering his Foulis worksite after visiting the bank when a man armed with a handgun held him at gunpoint while another kept watch.
The gunman ordered Chand to hand over his bag containing $600,000 but he refused, and it was this time, he was shot.
In another case, Lionel Persaud, 59, of Atlantic Gardens, ECD, was shot to the left leg by an armed man who relieved him of a bag containing $260,000 which he had withdrawn from the same Triumph bank. It was reported that as the man arrived home; a car appeared and blocked him from entering his yard.
One man exited, brandished a handgun and walked up to Persaud demanding that he had over the bag containing the money.
Persaud reportedly held onto the bag and in retaliation, the gunman discharged one round hitting him. The men then escaped. The Police have not made any arrests in the East Coast Demerara robberies.