Guyanese are experiencing our toughest period

Dear Editor,
Regrettably, the Granger-led PNC-APNU/AFC is making continuous efforts to fuel division among our people who have unanimously spoken in the General and Regional Elections through their votes on March 2, 2020. Given the Granger cabal’s clear public demonstration of indecency, fraudulence, and untrustworthiness, the behaviour, although upsetting, shameless, and disappointing, is now expected by all who previously thought otherwise.
It is now without any doubt that the Guyanese people will be forever appreciative of the unquestionable commitment and astute leadership of the PPP’s General Secretary, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo. He has fought tooth and nail in leading the fight against the erosion of our democratic rights, towards a better Guyana for all. Indeed, the deserving supporting contributions of the emerged liberal and civil support bases, who have stood up in complimentary support of “truth and right” must a be also recognised.
The role of the Caricom in the process is laudable and the Guyanese people welcome and stand firmly together in harmony, albeit, the exception of Granger is few, in welcoming the firm statements from Hon Mia Motley in her capacity as Chairwoman over the past six months. The Statement of the Secretary General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, given the intolerable behaviour of Mr Granger’s APNU/AFC since previous mediatory interventions of Caricom, is indeed welcome, necessary, and justified. Also, the local and international observers as well as the United Nations for the unflinching support that “Free and Fair Elections” must be respected.
As a founder member of the Caricom Community, the reactions by the Member States to Mr Granger’s emerged undemocratic demonstrations, threatens the regional harmonisation as the core of our Agreement in the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. The stand that is also taken by past and present individual leaders is welcomed and enlightening, although previously considered and tempered. It establishes that our people are united and strong together in the face of the adversarial ilk of David Granger and those who threaten our existence.
It is not without a sense of strongest contempt for Mr Granger and his loose bulldogs, that the Guyanese people are experiencing the toughest times in our lives! Never before, have our citizens had to countenance the experience and the challenge of overcoming two treacherous viruses, which threatens our mere existence. It is time for the people to halt immediately, the continued devious impositions of defacto President Mr David Granger’s illogical reasoning, and self-created irrational sickening viral additions. Our people must be lauded for their patience in the circumstance, albeit, the test of tolerance and the urges to rise up.
The COVID-19 global pandemic is indeed a vicissitude that demands all States join hands, in frontally challenging its emergence and expanse. In this respect, there is strong public recognition of the significant change we desire at home when one considers the worsening situation in Guyana and the obvious inefficacy of the fraudulent thieving focus of the callous Granger cabal. They have no effective national strategy and Guyanese people are now in a desperate need for the implementation of a comprehensive financial and medically prudent plan to offer resistance. instead, we are more seriously being exposed to and affected by the obstinate PNC/GECOM’s procrastination and self-imposed “rigging” virus.
Since the passing of the necessary No-Confidence Motion on December 21, 2018, David Granger has imposed an environment of crisis in Guyana.
Yet after four months with the entire world supporting our free and fair elections, the Granger PNC cabal is refusing to concede and free the Guyanese people. Our people are exhibiting maximum patience. Of note, the inspirational leader of the Guyanese people, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, along with Dr Irfaan Ali, Anil Nandlall, and others in the leadership of the PPP/C are doing a great job as they endeavour to keep the peace in battling on to final victory. Contrary, it is known that Granger’s bulldogs are doing everything to impose a state of emergency and we must not give them this avenue.
Politics in Guyana are for people with thick-skin, people who must stay the course with their people and for truth and justice. Our mentor, Dr Cheddi Jagan never wavered as he stood with his people.
For the rest of our lives, we will have vivid memories of that eventual “day” when Clairmont Mingo malperformed his functions as Returning Officer for Region Four as he attempted to impose the “rigging spreadsheets”. The PNC’s “king and queen riggers” also tried desperately to get those who stood up for democracy out of the Ashims building.
These persons who stood up against them deserve the highest accolades and recognition as the people return Guyana’s democracy, with the swearing-in of Dr Irfaan Ali as Guyana ninth Executive President. Swear in Dr Ali now!

Neil Kumar