Guyanese benefiting: PUC educates consumers on their rights

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has been conducting outreach programmes countrywide as it endeavours to inform consumers of their right to seek redress via the Commission when they believe that a utility has been unfair in resolving issues that involve members of the public.

PUC at their booth in the Giftland Mall
PUC at their booth in the Giftland Mall

This year’s awareness programmes commenced with outreaches at the Guyana Oil Company’s (GuyOil’s) operations on Regent Street, Georgetown and at Alness Village on the Corentyne Coast in East Berbice. These programmes, which each lasts for four days, will see members of the commission’s various divisions engaging in interactive sessions with consumers.

Among the areas tackled thus far are Georgetown, Berbice, West Coast Demerara, East Bank Demerara, East Bank Essequibo, the Essequibo Coast, and even passengers on the MV Kanawan who were traversing the Parika/Supenaam route. East Berbice communities from Number 51 Village on the Corentyne Coast to Stanleytown in New Amsterdam have also been tackled.

The team currently based at the PUC’s Headquarters in New Garden Street, Queenstown, Georgetown will cover an area that stretches from the Giftland Mall on the East Coast of Demerara to Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD), and would also perform duties at Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara (WCD).

The Commission has, over the past year, secured from the utility companies credits for consumers in the sum of $13,285,302. The PUC is of the belief that educating the public on its activities would build stronger relationships and promote confidence in the work of the Commission.