Guyanese chutney music has taken off – T&T artiste

Saleem Beharry, popularly known as “Master Saleem”, believes that Guyanese Chutney music has taken off and is optimistic about its future.
The Trinidadian artiste who is no stranger to Guyana was one of the judges at the Guyana Chutney Monarch competition 2020 which was held last Saturday evening at the Better Hope Community Centre Ground.
He was very much impressed with the standard of music presented by the 10 artistes who took to the stage with the aim of copping the title.
Eventually, after several hours of fierce competition, former Chutney Monarch, Bunty Singh, was crowned the king.
Nevertheless, in an interview with Guyana Times Entertainment, Beharry noted that the format of the show, quality of the music and musicians, and overall quality of the songs presented were of a professional calibre.
He noted that the songs were stylishly performed and presented through a remarkable and honest competition. He was very much impressed with the level of talent represented through Chutney music which he deems truly commendable.
“I was blown away by the sheer talent of all the competitors, all who showed their hard work and determination of not only achieving the esteemed label of winning the competition but, truly promoting their culture in a level that’s comforting to me, an artiste myself,” Beharry added.
He also posited that he was taken back at the manner in which the Guyanese Chutney is being used to convey positive messages with its seamlessly blending languages and lyrics.
“Being an 8-time finalist of the International Chutney/Soca Monarch in Trinidad, I believe that conducting workshops in Guyana will help the artists and the art form reach its full potential faster,” the young and talented artiste added.
He further stated that music is very influential and has the ability to connect to the heart.
“With this sentiment shared, I genuinely believe that the future of Chutney Music in Guyana will continue to do just that and will create a benchmark for music in its bright future. Also, I am hoping to see ‘Guyana Chutney Monarch 2021’ as a part of “Guyana Carnival” in May.
Beharry also took the opportunity to congratulate the artistes and hopes to be back in Guyana soon. He refers to Guyana as his “home away from home”.