DeSinco backs National Cycling Champ Jamual John

Local cyclist’s campaign in the USA…

Guyana’s National Cycling Champion Jamual John is being sponsored by DeSinco Limited as he currently campaigns in cycling in the United States of America.
This sponsorship is being done through the company’s distribution partnership with cosmetic giant Unilever, who are funding the sponsorship
through the Degree antiperspirant brand; which is fitting, as the product targets a base of active sport-and-fitness-driven consumers.
John is recognized as one of the most outstanding cyclists in Guyana, and DeSinco Limited believes he embodies the spirit of the Unilever Brand.
In a comment invited by this publication, John, already in Miami, declared how delighted he is with the sponsorship, and said it would aid in his campaign in the United States of America. the champion cyclist disclosed that his cycling season would commence on March 4 in New York City. It has been disclosed that the antiperspirant brand Degree believes in celebrating people who push themselves to do more and aim to improve. Degree is happy that John is taking this opportunity to improve his craft in the USA, and is happy to help him along the way. Degree will keep him protected from sweat and odour, which would allow him to stay focused on achieving his goals and improving himself. In addition to being Guyana’s National Cycling Champion for 2019, John emerged as the winner of the Guyana Points Classification for 2019. He recorded eight wins in last year.