Guyanese should recognise, congratulate Govt

Dear Editor,
I am pleased to commend and congratulate H.E. President Ali and his Government on their rapid achievement of the transformation that is occurring in Guyana.
I have paid keen attention to the Government since it assumed office, and I can clearly see that the vision and promises laid out in its election manifesto have become part of our reality.
As a young Guyanese, I have never seen a Government achieve so many tangible things within such a short period, and with this achievement, it is my belief that we, as Guyanese, should recognise and congratulate the Government for its achievements and the progress it has since made.
Instead of daily preaching about racism and political victimisation, I believe focus should mainly be upon supporting the Government and its plans in an effort to take Guyana forward. There are so many things we can achieve if we were to work under the ‘One Guyana’ vision. Most specifically, this Government is known to recognise young Guyanese by vesting opportunities at all levels.
I can honestly recognise that your vision — which is to enhance, elevate and reintegrate young Guyanese into society in order to make them part of the decision-making – has achieved maximum results in this country. I have never before seen so many young people being placed in so many great positions, especially from the policy level and parliamentary level.
You have clearly shown that you are a very caring President by your involvement and visionary actions. This Government has rolled out so many plans to improve the lives of Guyanese despite their geography, ethnicity and religion.
In closing, permit me to say I believe this is Government with a great vision, and with no hesitation we should all pledge our support to this movement. Guyana is on a trajectory of growth. Let us embrace our Motto “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”.

Best regards,
Ceion Rollox
Guyana Society for
the Blind
Guyana Blind Cricket