Happy Feet Dance Studio – a studio for all…

Happy Feet Dance Studio, located in the Camptown Centre, First Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, was founded on February 25, 2015. It is owned and run by Tiana Codrington.
The idea of the Studio came out of the need to engage the youths from Campbellville and adjoining communities in artful and meaningful activities as well as to give the founder an opportunity to share her love of dance and impart the knowledge she possesses to others.
The Studio offers different genres of dance, with specific focus on modern, African and contemporary routines, along with Zumba classes. It caters to students from as young as age four.

The Studio’s creed is: “Talent is God Given, Be Humble. Fame Is Man Given, Be Grateful For Humility Is The True Key To Success.”

Although the main focus is on youth development, there are a number of adult members. At present, there are 75 students enrolled at the Studio. The beginners’ class has 35 students between the ages of 4 and 12, teens and young adults class has 30 students between the ages 13 and 24, and the adult class has 10 members.
In just two years, the Studio has steadily built a reputation. The students have done a number of guest performances at functions, with the most notable being those hosted by entities such as Courts (Guyana) Ltd and Sterling Products Ltd.
They have also participated in the International Dance Day Concert and workshops held by the Department of Culture, Youth and Sport within the Education Ministry.
These performances, however, only allow for a small group of the most accomplished dancers to showcase their talents beyond the walls of the Studio.
To allow all students the exposure and excitement that come from entertaining an audience, the Studio held its first major dance production, “Unveil”, on May 28, 2017 at the Theatre Guild.
The students of all age groups were given the opportunity to perform the many routines learnt for their parents, families, friends, neighbours and classmates. The production was a huge success.
However, Director Codrington is no stranger to competitive dance. She began dancing competitively at the age of seven. In her teenage years, she enrolled in the Dance Fanatics Theatre, where she was educated on the technical aspects of dance.
This was followed by a short stint with the Classique Dance School. In 2015, she successfully wrote Theatre Arts Dance at the CSEC level, as her first step towards a professional qualification.
At Happy Feet Dance Studio, Codrington is ably assisted by two dance enthusiasts like herself – Donnette and Yonnette Holder.
Together they provide a quality programme, which ensures that students learn dance in an environment that is stimulating and exciting, as well as safe and welcoming. The aim is to have fun through movement while striving for excellence and achieving each student’s potential.