Harmon says he has “what it takes” to repair PNCR, win next elections

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon has announced his candidacy for the leadership of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), committing to enhance unity and inclusiveness within the party so that they will have a better change at regaining power.

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon is contesting for PNCR leadership

PNCR members will be electing new leaders at the party’s upcoming Congress on December 11 and those contesting for the various posts will have to submit their candidacy by November 11. Harmon will be running alongside PNCR Executives Aubrey Norton and Richard Van West-Charles for the leadership of the party.
Incumbent leader and former President, David Granger, has not indicated whether he will run again for the post.
Harmon launched his campaign for the PNCR leadership on Thursday evening during which he declared his confidence of emerging victorious at the helm of the party but in the same breath, pledged to work with every member, including if another candidate wins leadership, to take the party to higher greatness.
“I want to commit as a candidate for these elections and I expect that all the other comrades, who vie for that position, that they commit at the end of this process to working together in unity for our party. Win, lose or draw, the bigger picture is our party,” he posited.
According to the Opposition Leader, he intends to position the PNCR as a party with the moral authority and conscience to “bring back decency in public life.”
Meanwhile, as part of his campaign pitch, Harmon listed a 10-point plan to further strengthen the PNCR and top of that list is unity within the party.
“I believe that our party is haemorrhaging. I believe that we’re at a place where we have to take stock and regroup. I believe that the first item on any agenda must be the healing of our party, must be bringing all the various little groups and fractions all together…,” he stated.
The Opposition Leader went on to say the first step of unifying the party will be bring back lost party members.
“…That unity will require us going out and reaching out to our comrades. Many persons, who feel that they have been treated in a bad way in some way or the other, we need to reach out to them. We need to give them a hug. So, the first phase of the unity of the party is basically reaching out and bringing home of our comrades,” he noted.
In the same vein, Harmon, who is a former Minister and a retired Guyana Defence Force (GDF) member, spoke of broadening PNCR’s base by developing the non-traditional support-base of the party.
“As leader, I would work very hard to ensure that inclusiveness in our party,” he stressed, while adding that PNCR must to reach out to every sector of society including every ethnicity. “People must feel at home in the PNCR.”
Meanwhile, other highlights of Harmon’s campaign pitch include the development of a youth and women movement as well as the empowerment of party members. He contended that youth will comprise the majority of the electorate at the next election hence he committed to enhancing and strengthening the Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM) by recruiting members from across the country.
Similarly, he promised to also strengthen the party’s women’s arm to “hold them up”. Another highlight of his plan to make the PNCR financially sound and sustainable. He maintained that the party has sufficient funds to do this.
Moreover, Harmon wrapped up his list by declaring his confidence of taking the PNCR – which is the leading party in the APNU fraction of the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change coalition Opposition – back into office.
“Remove the PPP from office and replace them with a compassionate government for the people of Guyana… and that government will be strongly-led under a strong PNC, working in the coalition. I believe that as a leader, I possess that skill and that ability to basically keep our coalition together,” Harmon asserted.
Harmon’s candidacy was supported by several Members of Parliament and party members who attended his campaign launch that was streamed live on the PNCR Facebook page. These include: Coretta McDonald, Roysdale Forde, Ganesh Mahipaul and Annette Ferguson – all parliamentarians.
Also attending the launch was PNCR’s General Secretary, Amna Ally. (G8)