Holding David Granger accountable for everything under his tenure

Dear Editor,
Political influences are paramount in the establishment of all the State Commissions under the APNU/AFC coalition Government. These State Commissions are important to the growth and development of this country and to ensure impartiality, patriotism and independence is a priority in all decisions. While there is no room on any constitutionally established grounds for interferences with the functioning of these Commissions, President David Granger ensured that he chose commissioners and chairpersons on State Commissions that would be “political loyalists” to him, and not impartial commissions that would be beneficial for Guyana.
If Guyanese were to examine all the State Commissions, we would notice that a pattern has been established where David Granger has been using his henchmen to manage these commissions in order to ensure that he is guaranteed his desired outcome on any decisions, for example, the GECOM, GLSC, Police Service Commission etc. Many of these commissions are not functioning or don’t even protect the interests of the ordinary citizens of Guyana. The Public Utilities Commission is a living example that refused to be practical and reasonable when they increased the water rates for the Guyanese populace.
The recent exposures by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo of land grabbing by cronies of the APNU/AFC coalition Government that was facilitated by the Chairman of the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission which can cause Guyana billions of dollars in the future is another important example.
The media is a sword arm in democracy and must ensure that the protection of democracy is paramount in any society since it’s main intention is to reach and address a large target group or audience. The media of today in Guyana is playing an outstanding role in creating and shaping of public opinion and strengthening of our society, but because of political partisan of reporters, they prejudice their integrity in relating to the public.
What is puzzling to the public is the reason or reasons why everything that takes place under the former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s stewardship or sometimes not even under his stewardship is being reported as the sole and only person responsible, but the media does not hold Granger responsible for what happens under his stewardship. This is troubling for democracy and the media might be encouraging the start of a new dictatorship. The most recent being the headline in Kaieteur News “Jagdeo granted 20 acres weeks before leaving office” but refused to put a headline when Jagdeo exposed Granger giving away lands proposed for deepwater harbours in Guyana. Maybe a headline “Granger granted land proposed for deepwater harbours to cronies”, might be fairer and balanced.
Guyanese must urge the media to be fairer and balanced in the dissemination of information and the protection democracy. The media must also hold David Granger responsible for everything that’s being done under his tenure too.

Zamal Hussain