Housewife brutally stabbed by husband

Housewife Shenella Marks of Westbury, Essequibo Coast, Region Two is now in serious condition at the Charity Hospital, after being stabbed multiple times about her body by her husband on Monday afternoon.
Police Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan has said the incident reportedly occurred at about 16:00h on Monday, while the victim was in the vicinity of the Charity Water Front, Essequibo Coast.
The 23-year-old Shenella Marks had reportedly moved out of her matrimonial home at Westbury about a month ago, because of domestic abuse allegedly being meted out to her by her 36-year-old husband. She had reportedly moved with her eight-year-old son to her parents’ home at Dredge Creek, Upper Pomeroon River.
After being stabbed, the woman was rushed to the Charity Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery. Her husband had initially fled the scene, but was quickly apprehended, and according to the Police, has since confessed to the crime.
Police say the suspect also has a criminal charge of assault committed on his wife pending against him at the Charity Magistrate’s Court. Investigations are ongoing.