How’d we fight…


Dear Reader, your Eyewitness wanna ask the question frontally – and brutally: Is it possible to get rid of corruption in general, and in Government in particular?? And he’d like to give you his answer just as frontally and brutally – NO!! There ain’t no ifs and buts about this: corruption is endemic to the human condition. All of the religions are as one about this. Isn’t it written in Genesis, “God looked on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth”??
At that time, the Big Guy boomed out from on high: “The end of all flesh has come before Me; for the earth is filled with violence because of them; and behold, I am about to destroy them with the earth”!! Now, your Eyewitness doesn’t like that “solution”, since he doesn’t see no Noah building no ark; and he’d like to continue living, thank you!!
So, does this mean we gotta accept corruption?? Absolutely not!! Some people are also born with the urge to kill their fellow human beings; should we allow the Netanyahus of the world to get away with their cold-blooded genocide?? More to the point: we’re all born with the urge to either lay or get laid with whomever turns us on. Do we allow folks to bop others on the heads like the cavemen of yore, and drag women into their lairs to satisfy their urges?? No, siree Bob!! The thing is, we gotta establish rules of the game to control those tendencies that are detrimental to us living the good life.
So, back to corruption. The first thing we all gotta follow is your Eyewitness’s philosophy – as stated above – and assume EVERYONE’s out to screw you over! Is that supermarket selling you tuna?? Check the expiration date!! That contractor bidding for contracts?? Check out if he’s bribing the folks in charge of procurement. The gold exporter shipping gold to the Mid-East or whatever? Check out if he’s bribing the gatekeepers; and so on, and so forth.
And because corruption didn’t just drop from above in 2020, the Government can reasonably point out it started when Burnham was given “independence” by the West and they closed their eyes to his corruption. Yup!! They even accommodated and facilitated the corruption!!
Surely, they didn’t think that the corruption in rigging the votes to stay in power would be confined to just that narrow area?? Darn!! Right off the bat, thousands had to be corrupted to duck the real ballots cast – and write new ones!!
In this gold smuggling and other corruption, the question will be, “Who’ll guard the guardians??” And the answer is: facilitate whistle-blowing!! Let thief man watch thief man!!

…land shortage??
According to Pres Ali, we’re fast running out of coastlands, so we gotta come up with a plan to satisfy the insatiable demands created by his government’s developmental plans!! Well, to your Eyewitness, the solution’s pretty simple: just as the US invented the slogan “GO WEST, YOUNG MAN!!” when their original 13 East Coast colonies started getting crowded; we can do worse than follow their example! Not only is there gold out west – but the move would help checkmate Mad Maduro’s nasty ambitions to take over our Essequibo!!
Now, your Eyewitness is aware that the President warned against cutting down our interior forests – which we’re virtuously (smirk!) committed to preserving in order to help with climate change. But we know that out west ain’t all forest!! Wasn’t the land where Jim Jones set up his Cool Aid-dispensing outfit suitable for farming?
We just gotta build more roads and railways Ankoko way!!

…unequal framing?
In Israel’s genocidal killings in Gaza, we’re confronted initially by personalized stories of the Israelis killed, but never the Palestinians. Like Yahoo’s “mourning Manhattan mother whose free-spirited 26-year-old Israeli daughter was killed in Hamas’ brutal weekend rampage.” At best, we read that “35,091 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops since Oct 2023”!!