…and PNC/APNU coalition
Well, who said the PNC’s coalition fig leaf was ripped away with the departure of the WPA and JFAP leaving their nakedness exposed? As Burnham once said, “if you kill this Rasta, another one will take its place!” And so said, so done. One upping the two erstwhile exited “parties” – each with a literal handful of members (all EXECUTIVES though!!) – the PNC has replaced them with a one-woman-party and a one-man-party!! You may accuse the PNC of many sins (the mind boggles!) ,but don’t accuse them of sex bias on this occasion! Gender-bias? Maybe!
And who said the Sanctimonious Gangster doesn’t have a sense of irony? The WPA and JFAP knew they were paper organisations that, along with Keith Scott’s National Front Alliance (NFA), just gave the PNC an opportunity to say with a straight face it was in a coalition! But as happens in these matters, the pipsqueaks soon started believing their own BS and started to think they represented hordes of warm bodies out there!!
Granger knew they had nowhere to go…since all of their members…oops! EXECUTIVES!… had been given well-compensated sinecures! And, of course, THEY knew they had nowhere to go…save into oblivion! So they put their tails between their legs and slunk back into their corners when Granger pi55ed all over them for five years!! ‘Cause when did they finally leave? When it was clear the PNC had lost the elections!! Talk about rats deserting a sunk ship!!
So the son of the two-person-man-and-wife JFAP and the daughter of the all-executive WPA were duly declared by APNU to have respectively launched the “Equal Rights and Justice Party” (ERJP) and “Guyana Nation Builders Movement” (GNBM) and immediately applied for membership. It was more than passing strange that even the “founders” of the parties hadn’t bothered to even issue a press release on their ventures.
If a party is “launched” but no one is told, does it exist? At least the precedent they’re trying to follow – Craig Sylvester launching his Democratic National Congress – showed up at the Public Library and introduced himself since there was no one at his side! Ah well…the PNC said their applications for membership were immediately accepted – evidently without the negotiations that brought the AFC into their fold!! But then the two scions were known quantities, weren’t they? The son of JFAP had declared he had a dream in which God told him, “Jai, Jaii, Jaiii…Follow your father…David (Granger)”!! And the daughter of the WPA had broken ranks with HER party to remain as Granger’s unilaterally chosen MP!
Greater love hath no man or woman than who’d betray their parents!! Or stab them in their backs!

…and political betrayal
The all-executive WPA is miffed that Granger said they jumped the APNU ship when they didn’t get the appointments they wanted. How dare he? Wasn’t he aware they were men of the highest integrity? Hadn’t they proven that when they’d closed their eyes (and probably held their noses) when they entered into the coalition with the PNC – even as the CoI had just announced that the said PNC had assassinated their former comrade Rodney?
Then again, even though they knew it was a matter of the national record that Rodney had opposed the PPP when the latter wanted to include the PNC in a Govt of National Unity, they insisted Rodney this time around would’ve approved their coalition. Why? Because the PNC had dropped its rigging ways!! “What is not so well known is his (Rodney’s) acceptance that a PNC that embraces free and fair elections as normative and eschews dictatorship must be part of Guyana’s political solution.”!!
They will now assassinate the man’s principled stance on the party that murdered him!

…and unsportsmanlike conduct
In their riposte to Granger, the WPA executives really went to town on the poor guy. Weren’t they ever taught it’s not fair to kick a fella when he’s down?
They claimed Granger had an “unfraternal attitude”!