Hypocrisy …in Opposition’s tangled web

We’ve been informed, dear readers, that Sanctimonious Granger – Representative of the APNU/AFC List (RAAL) – will be venturing out from his Pearl bunker along with his sidekick, Joseph “Lil Joe” Harmon, to meet AFC Leader and Dep RAAL, Khemraj “Dead Meat” Ramjattan, tomorrow. Your Eyewitness hopes they don’t object to their “false names”, since the former was applied by eminent Caricom leaders, the second by friends, and the last was self-bestowed. Like Hamilton Green describing himself as “Elder” – when all of us know he’s just old…very, very old!!
We don’t know where they’ll be meeting, but based on precedence, it might be somewhere in Cummingsburg?? If so, Khemraj better be forewarned. Remember what happened to that “Accord” signed by them on Valentine’s Day 2015?? Ahh…” St Valentine’s Day…bitter chill it was”!!
We haven’t been informed about the agenda, but you’d have to be living under some rock on in Monkey Mountain if you don’t know what’ll be going down!! It’s a one-item agenda, budday – Screw Norton!!
The cause of all this drama’s very simple, and due to one unfortunately very human emotion – hubris!! These three characters all took themselves a whole lot too seriously as “paramount leaders” in their ponds! Their arrogance knew no bounds – especially Granger. Interestingly, Ramjattan was already cut down to size – almost to dwarf proportions! – by Granger, and he accepted that without any shame. Some felt it was some kinda Stockholm Syndrome playing out, while others cynically snorted that it was just plain old avarice and greed to remain at the (governmental) feeding trough!! Those sirens…those outriders!!
The bottom line is Granger and Harmon can’t believe Norton beat them like snakes at the PNC leadership elections. And don’t believe for a moment Granger wasn’t humiliated. Harmon had always been his place-marker, even if he hadn’t read all the vitriol poured on him since Aug 2, 2020. Harmon’s humiliation is his, so they’ll be trying every which way to avoid their nemesis – which follows hubris. Granger will probably have Harmon step down as Opposition Leader – but insist that Roysdale Forde take his place. Granger will also step down as RAAL – but Ramjattan will inherit the post!! This gives HIM clout for his horse trading to survive!!
As Norton turns the screws by consolidating the PNC’s leadership and base, the plotters’ slow twisting in the wind won’t cease. Norton controls the entire Executive, who are all from his slate and are beholden to him. Whatever comes out of the conclave tomorrow, Norton’s gonna be marching out to consolidate the base – which will be easier when he points to Granger and Harmon’s “selfish” actions.
So, what’ll be the catharsis – which follows hubris and nemesis? Continued PNC infighting!! Stock up on popcorn!!

…about “anti-Brazilian President”
Your Eyewitness was intrigued by the letter from a self-proclaimed woke “Group of 40”, who declared Brazilian President Bolsanaro “persona non grata” here. And the PPP Ali administration shouldn’t improve relations with his country!! Well, look story hey!!
Bolsanaro’s unquestionably guilty of the charges they’ve levelled against him. But some of the woke crowd live in the US, Britain and Canada, whose President and Prime Ministers – past and present – are just as guilty of several of those same charges. Shouldn’t these worthies have done the PRINCIPLED thing and quit those countries for good?? Isn’t continuing to live there supporting the “man”??
Then some of them have recently been rehabilitating Burnham – whose strongman, Hamilton Green, just endorsed their stance!! The irony!! Have they forgotten that Burnham visited Brazil in 1977 to tighten relations when THAT military dictatorship when = actually KILLED thousands of dissidents? Are they boycotting all “Made in China” goods because of China’s actions against their Uyghur minority?
They forgot about countries not having permanent enemies or friends?

…on Mia Mottley
It had to’ve taken a lot of swallowing of pride for the PNC to congratulate Mia Mottley on her stupendous political achievement in Barbados. They could’ve objected after the recount without getting sooo personal.