…or unctuous?
Your Eyewitness looked at President Granger’s address to the nation on the constitutional crisis into which he has plunged our country by his refusal to comply with the Constitution – even as he calls it “sacrosanct and supreme” – and wasn’t surprised that it was recorded rather than live. It would’ve been impossible to keep out the snickers of derision and disbelief that would’ve issued forth from any live audience!!
And performance it was – as it has always been for Granger. But what kind of performance?? Being a church-goer and all that, was it pharisaical? You know, like the Pharisees, whose words were hypocritical, censorious and self-righteous?? He certainly was hypocritical, with his actions following the NCM certainly contradicting his words at every step of the way.
Well…to be fair to the man, there was that brief moment when he and his Prime Minister both accepted that a democratic procedure had brought their Government to an end!!
How can he say the Constitution is “sacrosanct” when he’s refused to resign, as commanded by Art 106 (6) – “the President and cabinet SHALL resign”! – and call for elections 90 days after Dec 21 2018?? He’s never even reproached his Attorney General, Basil Williams, for saying “the Constitution is WRONG”?? He went on to claim that “the authority of the legislative branch is unimpaired”.
Well, not because of his not doing his darndest to do just the opposite to the National Assembly. For one, by raising the issue of dual citizens’ membership, which could’ve vitiated all legislation passed by that body since 2015!! How can the National Assembly maintain its “authority” when at least 7 members are “illegally” occupying their seats??
Then there’s this whopper: “The legal challenges…were not…calculated to frustrate the implications of the no-confidence vote”!!! Can you believe that mountain of hypocrisy? You become President by claiming a MAJORITY of 33 seats in the National Assembly, and suddenly 33 seats AREN’T a majority to vote you out??
Your Eyewitness fully expected Mr Granger’s tongue to split down the middle when he uttered those words!!
Censorious?? What else but shade was he throwing at the Opposition Leader when he unctuously and slyly perorated, “I urge everyone not to be intimidated by incendiary insinuations aimed at instigating disaffection.”? What has been more “incendiary” than him saying “I am prepared to do my part to ensure credible elections within…the shortest time possible this year”!? NOW he says this? If his PNC were in the opposition, Georgetown would have been up in flames by now.
And finally, how more “self-righteous” can Granger be when he said, “The resolution of the present political challenges requires collaboration”!!
Sure, like collaborating with your executioner!!

Citizen Marcel Gaskin had filed a criminal charge against GECOM Chair James Patterson and the three PNC Commissioners for “conspiring to delay the elections” which were constitutionally due by Art 106 (7) three months after the NCM’s passage on Dec 21, 2018. Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, however, dismissed the charge because “it does not create an offence; is frivolous and vexatious, and lacks basic human merits.”
Not an offence for public officials to conspire to subvert their constitutionally designated duties?? So what about that “Misconduct of Public Office” against Brassington and Singh, which was also before her?? We know it was “vexatious” to the fellas charged, but isn’t that the case with all defendants!?? “Frivolous”??  McLennan said this was because the March 21 deadline is “still approaching””! Can you believe this?? The whole point of the conspiracy was to drag GECOM’s heels and have March 21 “approach”, and now this makes the charge “frivolous”??
Does McLennan think elections can be held in four days?? THIS “lacks human merits”!!
Oh Judgement, thou art fled to brutish beasts!!

…on corruption
So there will be no investigation (much less a CoI) into the Ministry of Public Infrastructure paying millions of US$ MORE for a DOWNSIZED CJIA??
Is this the PNC’s “less is more” doctrine? Or just plain thiefin’??