If ever a Government were installed, it was the PNC-led Coalition

Dear Editor,
The PNC, having lost Election 2020 to the PPP/C Party, have resorted to the outdated and washed-out statement that the PPP/C is an installed regime. To this day, the verification of that statement they cannot explain, yet they keep rehashing it over and over again like a mantra; so, let us examine the genesis of that nonsensical trilogy.
Let’s follow the story from the very beginning: After a string of rigged elections, starting from 1968 up until 1992, the PNC installed themselves into Government. It is a practice they are well versed in, and are very proud of. There is well-documented proof of this atrocity, so there is no reason to doubt my statement.
After the elections of 2015, that party came back into power, but was that “win” a verified and above-board exercise? So, let us examine the circumstances of that election carefully. In the first place, Election 2015 could not be verified because Lowenfield ensured that this exercise was not done. The reason being he did not want to suffer the embarrassment of being exposed by an election that was riddled with fake SoPs.
This fact was highlighted by the sitting President, Donald Ramotar, who stated emphatically that the election was flawed by way of the imposition of false statements of poll. His exact words were, “I can show you all that I won the election, let us examine the SoPs,” something Lowenfield vehemently denied, and did not assent to a verification. Further, he bluntly refused to recount the votes, having knowledge of the fact that there were fake SoPs in the system; and not wanting to be shamefully exposed, he held out that there should not be a recount.
While all of this was going on, the PNC were doing what they know best: that is, they were busy marshalling their forces for a violent showdown. At this juncture, US Ambassador Brent Hardt intervened. He went up to Freedom House and corralled Ramotar into an agreement that “for peace sake, let it slide, concede defeat then seek redress in an election petition. This was exactly what Lowenfield wanted, because soon after Ramotar conceded, he filed an injunction blocking any election petition and a recount. In true PNC bullying style, Lowenfield was the sole arbiter in that election, he decided who should win that election.
This CEO tried the very same strategy in March 2020, when he acted in the capacity of Lone Ranger and determinator of who should be the winner of that election; only, this time the plan was very clumsy and barefaced. Lowenfield hid the SoPs for Region 4, and made his own declaration. But that was fraught with danger, in that the GECOM Chairwoman did not affix her signature to that declaration, so he resorted to a concoction of signatures of his party’s comrades in arms.
The point is: they were already at odds with Claudette Singh for initiating a recount, and for Granger to agree with it, in their scheme of things, the two should never have assented to a recount. Their intent was to just rig the election and que sera sera. As a consequence, they call Granger and Claudette Singh all the vilest names in the book. Those “high-sounding derogatory terms” attributed to these individuals all attest to their frustrations with the two for giving the go-ahead for a recount. Lowenfield and company knew that, with a recount, the handwriting was on the wall for his party.
Norton, in his diatribe with Vice President Jagdeo, gave full meaning to the foolishness; meaning that once Mingo and Lowenfield made that fraudulent declaration, we were obliged to accept it without question. Talk about legitimising a bullying fraud, and the March 2020 declaration was a sure manifestation of this. That asininity was quickly dealt with, in that all the guilty parties are being brought before a court. We anxiously await their trial and subsequent punishment.
So, while we wait for the outcome of their trial, the PNC continue to be annoyingly obtuse with their talk of the PPP/C being an installed Government. But if anyone is equipped with even half a brain, they would readily discern these miscreants for who they really are.

Neil Adams