Increase in fatal accidents recorded for 2018 – Top Cop

…says crime rate declined by 11%

There has been an overall spike in the number of fatal accidents recorded for 2018, when compared to the same period last year.
This was revealed by Police Commissioner Leslie James on Friday during his remarks at the A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara) annual award ceremony, where he gave a breakdown of some crime and accident statistics for this year.
According to the Top Cop, serious crime on the other hand has decreased by 11 per cent. “We’ve had a spike in the fatal accidents… We have seen a decrease of 11 per cent in serious crimes overall. Even the specific types of serious crimes we’ve seen a reduction.”
While examining these statistics, James informed that next year will see a “much

Police Commissioner Leslie James

reformed” Guyana Police Force (GPF). This is given into consideration since their main goal is to improve capacity in training, infrastructure and human resource; areas which are crucially essential at this time.
“The main aspect that we’re addressing at this point in time up to the end of 2018 would be training, infrastructure and human resources management. We’ve recognised that there is a need for those things to be addressed almost immediately.”
He used his platform to make some requests, which can affect how the GPF can function in a positive manner. This includes provisions for a traffic advisory board, training board and promotion board. At present, consultations were convened to determine whether these panels should be reinstated.
‘There is need for the Traffic Advisory Board. There is need for a training board and of course, a promotion board. We have strongly recommended the resuscitation of those Boards. If we are an organisation that can be recognised as a prudent organisation, those Boards ought to be in place,” the Police Commissioner insisted.

Christmas preparations
For the approaching holiday season, calls were made for persons to monitor the use of the roadways and desist from driving under the influence of alcohol. It was noted that special attention will be given in an effort to reduce fatalities and moreover, avoid a surge in these offences for 2018.
“I would like to take the opportunity to urge the motorists and pedestrians to especially at this point in time, when there is this urge to imbibe excessively, to be careful on our roadways. If you have to drink, don’t drive.”
Close attention will be paid to entertainment establishments and other individuals who play music at an “unacceptable” volume.
James explained, “I’m also taking the opportunity to call on establishments to conform with the laws of Guyana which at a time, when you are required to cease the playing of music. Equally, I will call on individuals who will be hosting barbecues and other activities.”
“Your permit would have has a stipulated time. I’m asking that you cooperate with your staff when they approach you to remind you of the time when your music should be shut off,” he further stated.
His “Christmas message” was, “I would urge all of us to take some time out to be with our loved ones and the persons who mean the most to you. It is a time of sharing, a time of giving. Visit the older folks [and] gain some knowledge from the older folks and show them love.”